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Put questions to the speaker.

Hi, I'm Michael Green. Welcome to our company which produces and sells delightful soft drinks. Wherever you go, you have an opportunity to buy our blue and yellow bottles or tins. Our company is independent. Speaking of our head office, it is situated in Toronto, because it is one of the Canadian business centres. But don't think my colleagues work within one office. We have 2 plants, 13 branches and 200 warehouses all over the country. It allows our customers to buy our product without waiting. 15,000 employees are taking care of our potential clients at the moment. Our main clients are usual people. What do they need? They want next to nothing — a healthy and refreshing drink of best quality. It is our general task. Our Director General, Mr Turner, is permanently anxious about it. According to the statistics, we have achieved impressive results. Our annual sales are 900 million dollars, the profit for this year is 481 million dollars. Constant development is our feature.. The annual growth is 30%. We are pleased at it. What is everything based on? I am sure, on our philosophy, clear for anyone who is employed by "Crown". You know, our motto is: "Never stop at what has been achieved".

II. Skills Work

I. Reading. You know, that there are different types of business organization. We'll study a structure of a company. Michael Green told us about the organization of "Crown". Read about it. / Прочитайте о структуре компании «Краун».

I am sure our company success depends on its organization. The latter is not very complicated, but very effective and clear. To tell the truth it is not original, but rather typical.

At the top of "Crown" there is the Board of Directors who administrate the company, define general directions of our further development. As to the directors, I could divide them into two groups - executive directors and non-executive directors. The members of the first group are full time employees. Most of them are our top managers.The second group consists of powerful people who can help us to obtain wishful results.

The Chairman of the Board is the head of the company. What does he do? He takes the chair at the meetings of the Board of Directors, and the shareholders. Besides, he represents our interests. Frankly speaking, he doesn't run the business of "Crown" directly. The person who runs the company in fact is the Director General. It's Mr Turner. The Director General is elected by the Board. He coordinates the execution of the decisions, taken by the Board. The top managers help him. They are in charge of different directions of our work.

The Purchasing Manager makes sure we have the raw material for the soft drinks and the appropriate equipment for the manufacture. He controls the Department of Material Security and the Raw Material Department.

The Production Manager is responsible for the industrial process,

controls the quality of the product. He controls the Production Department, the Technical Department, the Manufacture Development Department and the Chemical Department.

The Marketing Manager is in charge of sales. He controls the Marketing Department and the Public Relations Department.

The Transportation Manager coordinates the work of the Land Transportation Department, the Sea Transportation Department and the Air Transportation Department.

The Personnel Manager is responsible for our employees and our security. You know her. It is Jane Thatcher. She supervises the Personnel Department and the Security Department.

Besides, all the departments are directed by their heads.

And at last comes the Chief Accountant, who is in charge of the financial picture. This person is the head of our enterprise accounts department.

2. Writing. Fill in the structure finding the right information in the previous text. Заполните структуру, находя информацию в предыдущем тексте.



Speaking. Comment on the structure.

3.Translate into English:

1. Это – структура нашей организации.

2. Он является нашим исполнительным директором.

3. Они достигли впечатляющих результатов.

4. Мистер Смит обычно председательствует на собраниях.

5. Они не занимаются непосредственно бизнесом.

6. Хелен – менеджер по снабжению. Она работает в отделе снабжения.

7. Я отвечаю за оборудование.

8. В нашей компании есть отдел материального снабжения и отдел сырья.

9. Отдел сбыта отвечает за продажи.

10. Руководитель обычно следит за работой.

11. Бухгалтерия отвечает за финансовую картину компании.

12. Совет директоров избирает генерального директора.

13. Начальники отделов зависят от топ менеджеров.


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