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Русского и латинского алфавитов

IV. Переведите следующие предложения, содержащие ложные слова переводчика.

1. Увеличение продукции - не главный показатель экономи­ческого роста.

2. Услуги адвоката были очень дорогими, но они были не­обходимы.

3. Бланки заявлений находятся на столе секретаря.

4. Вчера отрылась декада французского кино.

5. Кабельное телевидение дает возможность смотреть много каналов.

6. Наука и техника сделали большой прогресс за последнее время.


V Переведите следующие предложения, обращая особое внимание на слова, выделенные жирным шрифтом. Среди них вам могут встре­титься и «ложные друзья переводчика»:

1. Caroline was a dedicated athlete. Her elder sister nicknamed her "Miss Wimbledon".

2. Eddie was convinced that body-building exercises could turn any weakling into an athlete.

3. The recent governmental crisis has brought about a reshuffle of the Cabinet.

4. Mrs. Leary was proud of her collection of fine china which was displayed in two walnut cabinets in her parlour.

5. It was obvious that the collapse of the bridge which was heavily guarded by the German troops was definitely not a mere accident but an act of sabotage.

6. The deliberate disregard for the administration's instructions on the part of the staff was nothing but sabotage.

7. He was a young man of about eighteen, tall and wellbuilt, but with a sallow complexion which suggested poor health.

8. By the time the expedition was reached by the rescue party the men had run out of food and had been living for several days on biscuits and water.

9.In the highly unsanitary conditions of the little African village every minor disease may prove fatal.

10. Among Shakespeare's characters Hamlet is the one that allows of dozens of interpretations.

11. The rich collection of Egyptian parchments treasured at the Cairo museum keeps a record of the ancient civilization.

Peter kept practicing for months because he was set on breaking his own last year's record in the high jump

VI. Переведите предложения на русский язык обращая внимание на перевод неологизмов.

1. Enterprise networks are proliferating; laptops, notebooks and palmtops are available.

2. Security in a computer can be improved by using a password, which is a random mixture of numbers and letters, or by using a smart card to access the computer.

3. The critical flaw identified in the latest versions of Windows operating system can leave computers vulnerable to hackers.

4. On many campuses registering for classes, declaring majors, checking grades and obtaining class handouts are all done online.

5. There are plenty of downsides to the conveniences that come as colleges migrate to the Web.

6. Such high-tech heavies as Berkley or Stanford found Yahoo’s criteria so questionable (one measure is the prevalence of cybercafes) that they boycotted the survey.

7. The main reason for shifting money offshore is to avoid taxation and regulation.

8. Near-to-eye display technologies can use microdisplay technology for portable PCs as well as Web-enabled cell phones.

9. Wi-fi (“wireless fidelity”) is the term for a high-frequency wireless local area network.

10. Although there are sophisticated multimedia devices on the market, which have more processing power than many computers, there are still technological barriers that prevent their widespread take-up.

11. All the advisory, legal and clerical work involved in international financial transactions has to be done somewhere on terra firma.

12. Traffic build-ups at the exits from and entrances to large cities have long been a feature of super-highways.

13. Slowly and unevenly a ‘can-do’ attitude is beginning to replace the inertia employees’ attitude to work.58

14. Capital flight is now becoming less accessible from foreign creditors.

15. If the merger boom is now nearing a close, will it be followed by a demerger boom?

16. E-commerce has become wide spread all over the world.


VII. Переведите предложения, в которых используются неологиз­мы. Укажите способ их образования.

1. Билеты бизнес-класса стоят гораздо дороже билетов эконом-класса.

2. Места для ВИП-гостей были зарезервированы в первую очередь.

3. Многие фильмы на ди-ви-ди выпускаются пиратским спо­собом без соблюдения копирайта.

4. Эта информация содержится в другой директории.

5. Во сколько обошлась ростаможка!

6. «Не тормози, сникерсни!» (из телерекламы)

7. Чтобы начать свое дело, ему нужно иметь не меньше де­сяти лимонов.




Буквы Примечание Буквы
русские латинские   русские латинские
А A   Н N
Б B   О O
В V   П P
Г G   Р R
Д D   С S
Е E После согласных. Т T
  YE Инициалы <1>, после гласных и после Ъ, Ь. У U
      Ф F
Ё YE После согласных, кроме Ч, Ш, Щ, Ж. Х KH
  E После Ч, Ш, Щ, Ж. Ц TS
  YO Инициалы, после гласных и после Ъ, Ь. Ч CH
И I Инициалы и после гласных и согласных. Ъ ` <2>
  YI После Ь. Ы Y
Й Y   Ь `
К K   Э E
Л L   Ю YU
М M   Я YA



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