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Complete this text about the mouse with verbs from the box.

Комплексный тест по дисциплине «Английский язык» для специальностей среднего профессионального образования

Вариант 1


1. Текст “Different Types of Computers”

… as I’ll explain to you now, computers can be divided into five main types, depending on their size and power. There are: mainframes, desktop PCs, laptops, tablet PCs and personal digital assistants, or PDAs.

Mainframes are the largest and most powerful computers. The basic configuration of a mainframe consists of a central system which processes immense amounts of data very quickly. This central system provides information and computing facilities for hundreds of terminals connected together in a network. Mainframes are used for large-scale computing purposes in banks, universities and big companies.

PCs, or personal computers, carry out their processing on a single microchip. They are usually classified by size and portability. A desktop PC is designed to be placed on your desk. It is used as a home computer or as a workstation for group work. Typical examples are the IBM PC and the Apple Macintosh.

A laptop is a portable computer that has a flat LCD screen and uses batteries for mobile use. Small laptops are also called notebooks. The latest models can run as fast as similar desktop computers and have similar configurations. They are ideal for business executives who travel a lot.

A tablet PC is a type of notebook computer that has an LCD screen on which you can write with a stylus or digital pen. Your handwriting is recognized and converted into editable text. You can also input text by using speech recognition or a small keyboard. You can fold and rotate the screen easily.

Finally, a PDA is a lightweight, handheld computer. The letters stand for personal digital assistant. The term refers to a wide variety of handheld devices, including palmtops and pocket PCs. For input, you type using a small keyboard or use a stylus – a special pen to select items on the screen. PDAs can be used as mobile phones, personal organizers or media players. They also let you access the Internet via Wi-Fi networks, and some include a GPS navigation system.

Decide whether these sentences are true or false. Correct the false ones.

1. A mainframe computer is less powerful than a PC.

2. A mainframe is used by large organizations that need to process enormous amounts of data.

3. The most suitable computers for home use are desktop PCs.

4. A laptop is not portable.

5. Laptops are not as powerful as desktop PCs.

6. Using a stylus, you can write directly onto the screen of a tablet PC.

7. A Personal Digital Assistant is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.


Грамматика и лексика

Look at these extracts from emails to an online helpdesk. Which type of computer is each person talking about? Choose the right answer.

8. I dropped it as I was getting out of a taxi, and now it won’t turn on.

a) laptop b) desktop PC c) mainframe

9. I lost the stylus. Is it safe to use a pencil to input directly onto the screen?

a) laptop b) PDA c) mainframe

10. As soon as it went offline, every PC on the network crashed.

a) PDA b) mainframe c) tablet PC

11. I was rotating the screen round to show something to a colleague, and now it won’t move.

a) tablet PC b) PDA c) mainframe

12. Can you send someone down to show me the best position for my monitor and keyboard? I want to avoid getting any back or neck problems.

a) PDA b) laptop c) desktop PC


3. Complete these definitions from an ICT dictionary. Use the words:

chip buses central processing unit clock speed control unit.

Then choose the correct word to make defining relative clauses.

13.The ____ , or CPU, is like a ’brain’ which/ - /who performs tasks for your


14.The CPU is built into a single _____ that / - / who executes program instructions

and coordinates activities within the system.

15. The ___- is the part of the processor which / who is responsible for loading and

interpreting the individual instructions that make up a computer program.

16. _____ is measured in gigahertz; for example, a processor running at 4Ghz would

give you all the performance - /who you need to run most applications.

17.______ are electrical channels that - /who allow devices inside the computer to



Complete this description of a basic PC system by writing in words from the box.

into classes type consists divided

A basic PC system can be (18) ___into two main parts: hardware and software. Software basically means computer programs; for example, your media player is a (19)____ of software.

Hardware, on the other hand, (20)___ of mechanical and electronic equipment. It can be divided

(21)__ three main types: the CPU, main memory and peripherals. There are three main (22) ___of peripheral: input devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.), output devices (monitor, printer, etc.)

and storage devices (DVD drives, flash drives, etc.).


5. The following extracts come from sales assistants in computer shops describing the features and functions of various input devices. Complete the sentences by writing the words:

to can which allows used by features works for

23. This model ______ a backlight, so you can see what you’re typing in the dark.

24. We have a Bluetooth version which ______ without wires, but the

surface you use it on needs to be dark.

25. Why don’t you try this? It’s_____ drawing, as if you were using a pen

and paper.

26. You’ll need one of these – it’s_____ to control your movements while

you play.

27. For more precision, I’d recommend this. It’s like an upside-down mouse, and it works______

running your hand over the plastic ball here.

28.This is our most popular model. It _____ you _____ reproduce exact copies of your

documents in

digital format.

29. This works just like a mouse, except you _____ write directly onto the

screen with it.

30. This is a model_____ works particularly well with Skype.

Комплексный тест по дисциплине «Английский язык» для специальностей среднего профессионального образования

Вариант 2


1. Текст “Mouse Actions ”

Complete this text about the mouse with verbs from the box.

click double-click drag grab select move control


A mouse allows you to (1)…….the cursor and move around the screen very quickly. Making the same movements with the arrow keys on the keyboard would take much longer. As you (2)………the mouse on your desk, the pointer on the screen moves in the same direction. The pointer usually looks like an l-bar, an arrow, or a pointing hand, depending on what you are doing.

A mouse has one or more buttons to communicate with the computer. For example, if you want to place the insertion point or choose a menu option, you just (3)…...(press and release) on the mouse button, and the option is chosen.

The mouse is also used to (4) ……… text and items on the screen. You can highlight text to be deleted, copied or edited in some way.

The mouse is widely used in graphics and design. When you want to move an image, you position the pointer on the object you want to move, press the mouse button, and (5)………..the image to a new location on the screen. Similarly, the mouse is used to change the shape of a graphic object. For example, if you want to convert a square into a rectangle, you (6)………… one corner of the square and stretch it into a rectangle.

The mouse is also used to start a program or open adocument: you put the pointer on the file name and (7)………. on the name - that is, you rapidly press and release the mouse button twice.


Грамматика и Лексика

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