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Have you ever tried a strawberry pizza? If you went to Oxnard, the ‘‘Strawberry Capital of California,” in May, you could!

Oxnard is in Southern California and this part of the state takes its strawberries very seriously. At the two-day California Strawberry Festival you can see and try strawberries prepared in all sorts of ways. In addition to traditional treats such as strawberry shortcake, strawberry jam, strawberry tarts and strawberries dipped in chocolate, there is strawberry pizza! This dessert pizza is topped with strawberries, sour cream, cream cheese and whipped cream on sweet bread baked like a pizza. Straw­berry kebabs dipped in powdered sugar are another delicacy. And drinks such as a strawberry smoothie can wash it all down.

Strawberries are big business in Oxnard. The annual strawberry revenues are $100 million from Oxnard’s bountiful 6,600 berry acres. Twenty-four companies harvest and cool nearly 16 million trays of berries, which are shipped throughout North America as well as to Germany and Japan. The festival, which attracts more than 85,000 visitors, features three stages with musical entertainment, 335 arts and crafts exhibits, strolling musicians, clowns, artists, face-painting, contests, and a “Strawberryland” for children with puppets, magicians, musicians, and a pet zoo.


2. Говорение.

Расскажите своему приятелю о роли мобильных телефонов в современном обществе: - пользуетесь ли Вы мобильным телефоном; - каковы преимущества и недостатки использования мобильных телефонов.     Tell your friend about the role of mobile phones in modern society: - whether you use a mobile phone; - what the advantages of using mobile phones are; - what the disadvantages of using mobile phones are.  


Билет № 9

1. Прочитайте, переведите, перескажите и задайте пять вопросов разных типов к тексту.


I'll never forget Easter of 1946. I was 14, my little sister Ocy was 12, and my elder sister Darlene was 16. We lived at home with our mother; our dad had died five years before, leaving Mom with three school kids to raise and no money.

A month before Easter the pastor of our church asked everyone to save money and help a poor family.

When we got home, we talked about what we could do. We decided to buy 50 pounds of potatoes and live on them for a month. When we thought that if we kept our electric lights turned out as much as possible and didn't listen to the radio, we'd save money on that month's electric bill. Darlene got as many house and yard cleaning jobs as possible, and both of us babysat for everyone we could.

Every day we counted the money to see how much we had saved. At night we'd sit in the dark and talk about how the poor family was going to enjoy having the money the church would give them.

The day before Easter, Ocy and I walked to the grocery store and the manager gave us three $20 bills and one $10 bill for all our change. We had never had so much money before.

We could hardly wait to get to church. When the pastor was taking money, Mom gave him a $10 bill, and each of us, kids, $20.

As we walked home after church, we sang all the way. Later that afternoon the minister drove up in his car. Mom went to the door and then came back with an envelope in her hand. She opened the envelope and out fell a bunch of money. Therewerethree $20 bills, one $10 andseventeen $1 bills.



Представьте себе, что Вы принимаете участие в Международной конференции по вопросам защиты окружающей среды. Проинформируйте участников о: - глобальных экологических проблемах современности; - том, как с этими проблемами справляются в других странах; - своих способах решения экологических проблем.   Imagine that you are taking part in the International conference on environmental problems. Inform the participants about: - the global problems the world faces nowadays; - how other countries cope with these problems; - your own ways of improving the ecological situation.



Билет № 10

1. Прочитайте, переведите, перескажите и задайте пять вопросов разных типов к тексту.


At 2 pm on 5 December 1945, five US bombers took off from Fort Lauderlale in the USA for a training flight in perfect weather. Shortly afterwards, the pilots radioed that their flight instruments were all malfunctioning. Two hours after take-off, all contact with the planes was lost. A reconnaissance plane was immediately dispatched to search for the missing planes. Within 20 minutes, radio contact with it had also been lost. No trace of any of the planes was ever found. In all, six planes and 27 men had vanished into the air.

The disappearance of the six planes was far from being the first mysterious incident in the area: for years, navigational problems and strange magnetic forces had been reported. The disappearance was not even the greatest disaster within the triangle. The Cyclops, a 19,000-ton US ship was sailing from Barbados to Norfolk, Virginia. In March 1918, when it vanished with its crew of 309 from the surface of he ocean without making a distress call and without the slightest wreckage ever being found.

The losses of boats and planes in that area defy explanation. The disasters are the origin of a new phrase in the English language – the Bermuda Triangle and this phrase has entered legend. The Bermuda Triangle has been called the 'Devils’ Triangle, the Triangle of Death, the Graveyard of the Atlantic. It has swallowed up 140 ships and planes and more than 1,000 people. Today many airmen and sailors are still afraid of that area of the Atlantic Ocean.




В Ваш класс пришел новый мальчик, который учился в другом городе. Расскажите ему о своей школе: - в каком году она была образована; - каковы наиболее отличительные черты Вашей школы; - какие классные комнаты и оборудование имеется в Вашей школе A new boy from another city has come to your class. Tell him about your school: - when your school was founded; - what the most distinctive features of your school are; - what classrooms and facilities the school has.  


Билет № 11

1. Прочитайте, переведите, перескажите и задайте пять вопросов разных типов к тексту.

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