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X 1 point) Are the following sentences right or wrong? If wrong, correct them.


1. We are not interested in a new equipment at the moment.

2. Let me give you some advice.

3. Don't do nothing until you have spoken to a lawyer.

4. We told them that the present lab needed extending.

5. We explained how we reached the final total.

6. They agreed looking at the figures again.

7. We replied that we would keep them confidential.

8. I've planned a series of assessment seminars. I will run the first one on 1 August.


X 2 points) Read the sentences given here and decide which of the given meanings is the correct one. Write your answers (letters A, B or C) in the boxes.


1. We stopped to visit suppliers in London.

1. We do not visit them any more.

2. We interrupted our journey so we could visit them.

3. We ended our journey by visiting them.


2. Have you tried sending goods by train?

1. Have you experimented with the idea of using the train?

2. Have you attempted to send goods by train?

3. Have you studied the possibility of sending goods by train?


3. We remembered to send publicity material with the goods.

1. We did send the material and I recall sending it.

2. We told you to send the material with the goods.

3. We did not forget to send the material with the goods.


4. I like to call customers, to check that they are happy a few weeks after buying a machine from us.

1. I think it is a good policy to check that the customer is happy.

2. I really enjoy calling customers to check that they are happy.

3. I would like to call customers, to check that they are happy.




1.5. (8 x 1point) Match each verb on the left with a noun on the right to form common partnerships. Use each word once only. Write your answers (letters a, b … or h) in the boxes.



1. fill 1. an applicant
2. interview 2. a business
3. offer 3. a contract
4. owe 4. a discount
5. rent 5. some money
6. run 6. office space
7. send 7. a fax
8. sign 8. a vacancy





X 1 point) Complete each sentence with the opposite of the word in brackets. Choose from the following list. Use each word once only.


1. rare 2. full-time 3. basic 4. negative 5. short 6. vacant 7. low 8. internal

1. I didn't expect my salary to be as _____ as this! (HIGH)

2. She has a ____ job as a shorthand typist. (PART-TIME)

3. We're expecting big savings in the ____ term. (LONG)

4. We could see he was using very ____ equipment. (SOPHISTICATED)

5. There was a very _____ reaction to my suggestion. (POSITIVE)

6. The post went to an ____ candidate. (EXTERNAL)

7. He has a _____ talent for managing people. (USUAL)

8. The position has been _____ for several months now. (FILLED)






X 1 point) Choose the correct word for each sentence. Write the words in the boxes.


1. Some employees have a long journey/travelto work every day.

2. The cost of life/livinghas gone up again.

3. Please send precise measurements/measureswhen ordering.

4. We expect prices to raise/riseby at least five per cent.

5. We only exchange goods if you produce a receipt/recipe.

6. Imust remember/remindthe boss about that meeting this afternoon.

7. Can you say/tellthe difference between these two products?

8. The company is extremely sensible/sensitiveto any criticism.




X 2 points) Complete each sentence with the correct form of 'make' or 'do'. Translate the sentences into Russian.


1. We have _____ a considerable profit on the sale of that land.

2. I've got all these invoices to _____ before I can go home.

3. The business was so run down when she took it over that nobody expected her to _____ such a success of it.

4. Something as simple as changing the size of the lettering on the packet can _____ all the difference to your sales.

5. Increasing production will _____ even more demands on machinery which is already breaking down at an alarming rate.

6. They could _____ with some computer paper in the wages office.

7. We've _____ away with the old system of clocking in.

8. A customer has _____ a complaint about one of our salespeople.

9. In fact, Gravers have _____ us a favour by launching their product first. We can learn from their mistakes.


Business Communication. Telephoning and Business Letters.


X 2 points) Choose the best responses. Write your answers in the boxes.


1. Can you put me through to Miss Evans, please?


1. I'll see if she's in her office at the moment.

2. I've got the wrong number.

3. I'll check again.

2. Isn't that Seattle, then?


1. No, the number has changed.

2. No, you must have the wrong area code.

3. Sorry, I may have dialed the wrong extension.


3. You asked me to confirm the dates of delivery.


1. Yes, that's the best time for them.

2. Yes, let me just get a note pad to write them down.

3. Yes, they'll come to England soon.


4. No, this isn't the Metal Case Company.


1. So sorry to have troubled you.

2. I'll call again later.

3. Can you connect me with Mr Mansour, please?


5. Miss Pearce asked me to call this morning.


1. Sorry, your number is the wrong one.

2. Do you know the area code?

3. But there's no person of that name here.


6. We can let you know what sizes are available.


1. Thank you. I know them.

2. Thanks. I'm glad that's OK now.

3. Thanks. I can order what we need then.




2.2. (9 x 1point) Complete these two conversations with sentences from the list below. Use each sentence only once. Write your answers (letters A, B … or I) in the boxes.


Conversation 1


A: _______1_______
B: Good morning. Could I speak to Jane Lewis, please?
A: _______2_______
B: Lesley Winwood.
A: _______3_______
B: She said she'd be in all morning.
A: _______4_______
C: Jane Lewis.
B: _______5_______
C: Ah yes, it's about...
  Conversation 2  
D: Carl Anderson.
E: _______6_______
D: Lindberg, did you say?
E: _______7_______
D: There's no one here by that name.
E: _______8_______
D: Yes, this is 08 46 46 24.
E: _______9_______
D: That's all right.


1. Yes, that's right.

2. You asked me to call as soon as possible.

3. Hold the line, please, and I'll see if she's in.

4. Who's calling, please?

5. Oh, isn't there? Could I check the number?

6. Could I speak to Mrs Lindberg, please?

7. Right, I can connect you now.

8. Reynolds Bicycles, good morning.

9. Oh, I'm sorry. I must have dialled the wrong number.





2.3. (16 x 2 points) Below you will see parts of three letters answering an enquiry. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B … or P) in the boxes.


1. additional features 2. competitive price 3. date 4. doing business 5. enclosed leaflet 6. enquiring   7. enquiry 8. full details 9. further details 10. hesitate 11. In addition     12. in production 13. pleasure 14. range 15. sincerely 16. supply



Dear Ms Prentice

Thank you for your __(1)__ of 3rd May about our office stationery.

We have __(2)__ in enclosing our latest catalogue and price list. We hope you will find it of interest.

If you require any __(3)__, please do not __(4)__ to contact us.

Yours __(5)__.


Thank you for your letter of January 4th, asking about office furniture.

The enclosed catalogue contains __(6)__ of our range. In most cases we are able to __(7)__ you with the goods you require within fourteen days.

We look forward to receiving an order from you.



Thank you for your letter of 1st June, __(8)__ about the JF72 pocket


This model is no longer __(9)__ as it has been superseded by the JF73

solar-powered pocket calculator. As you will see from the __(10)__, the new model has several __(11)__ at an extremely __(12)__.

We have also enclosed our latest catalogue giving details of the vast __(13)__ of electronic goods we supply.

We allow a discount of 30% on purchases of not less than 50 of the same model, and 35% on quantities of not less than 100. __(14)__, we give a discount of 3% for payment within fourteen days from __(15)__ of invoice.

We look forward to __(16)__ with you in the near future.


1.     9.  
2.   10.  
3.   11.  
4.   12.  
5.   13.  
6.   14.  
7.   15.  
8.   16.  


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