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X 2points) Read the sentences given here and decide which of the given meanings is the correct one. Write your answers (letters a, b or c) in the boxes.



1. During development, we stopped to think about the difficulties.

1. We stopped thinking about the difficulties and we don't think about them now.

2. For a short time, during the development, we did not think about the difficulties.

3. We did think about the difficulties during the development phase.


2. I was trying to contact Acorn last week.

1. I attempted to call Acorn last week.

2. I succeeded in contacting Acorn last week.

3. I did not attempt to call Acorn last week.


3. I remembered to include our price list with the letter.

1. I recall putting the price list in the envelope.

2. I sent the price list with the letter.

3. I forgot to send the letter.


4. We'd like to have a meeting.

1. We enjoy meetings.

2. We want a meeting.

3. It's good to have meetings.




1.5. (8 x 1point) Match each verb on the left with a noun on the right to form common partnerships. Use each word once only. Write your answers (letters a, b … or h) in the boxes.

1. answer 1. goods
2. appoint 2. a letter
3. arrange 3. a meeting
4. export 4. a new manager
5. pay 5. the phone
6. solve 6. a problem
7. type 7. tax
8. welcome 8. a visitor




X 1 point) Complete each sentence with the opposite of the word in brackets. Choose from the following list. Use each word once only.


1. approximate 2. marked 3. private 4. permanent 5. complex 6. light 7. partial 8. compulsory  

1. The new complaints procedure has been a ____ success. (COMPLETE)

2. Have you got the ____ sales figures? (EXACT)

3. There's a lot of ____ industry in the area. (HEAVY)

4. Wearing a tie was ____ in his office. (OPTIONAL)

5. Wages have risen more slowly in the ____sector. (PUBLIC)

6. The company has a ____ management structure. (SIMPLE)

7. There was a ____ improvement in efficiency. (SLIGHT)

8. He's got himself a ____ job as a mechanic. (TEMPORARY)




X 1point) Choose the correct word for each sentence. Write the words in the boxes.


1. She works for an advertisement/advertising agency.

2. How will the increase in interest rates affect/effect your sales?

3. My bank manager has agreed to borrow/lend me another $2,000.

4. We've had to cancel/postpone the meeting until next Monday.

5. My plane was delayed/postponed by an hour due to computer failure.

6. Before coming here, I studied economics/economy at university.

7. I am interested/interesting in their new camera.

8. She applied for a job/work as a personnel officer.




X 2points) Complete each sentence with the correct form of 'make' or 'do'. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. There's a rumour going round that Pelly's are going to _____ a bid for Squash International.

2. Please _____ your best to get these typed before 5 o'clock.

3. Who shall I _____ the cheque out to?

4. If we don't get some orders soon we'll have to _____ some of our workers redundant.

5. I'm afraid you'll have to _____ without the other photocopier until we can get the part we need from the suppliers.

6. We've been _____ business with them for over thirty years now.

7. Considerable progress has been _____ and we hope to put some concrete proposals to our members tomorrow afternoon.

8. The bank has decided to_____ extra provision against bad debts this year.

9. They've been _____ a roaring trade since they decided to advertise on local television.


Business Communication. Telephoning and Business Letters.


X 2points) Choose the best responses. Write your answers in the boxes.


1. Can you give me a quotation?

1. We haven't any more available.

2. This price is very competitive.

3. They cost $3.30 each.


2. Can we have a higher discount?

1. It depends on the number you order.

2. The prices are our lowest.

3. It's not so much.


3. We are thinking of buying your products.

1. Then take advantage of our introductory offer.

2. Business is good at present.

3. Share prices have been falling lately.



4. Can you offer the large size at the same price?

1. No, it's cheaper.

2. No, it's more expensive.

3. No, the price is unchanged.


5. Are the terms CIF?

1. No, no credit is allowed.

2. Yes, goods are supplied only if cash is firm.

3. Yes, goods are sent to the customer's place.


6. Are those your most favourable prices?

1. Yes, we have plenty available.

2. Yes, we can't reduce them.

3. Yes, they are very important.




2.2. (10 x 1point) Complete these two conversations with sentences from the list below. Use each sentence only once. Write your answers (letters A, B … or J) in the boxes.


Conversation 1


A: Hello, is that 10127?
B: _______1_______
A: Can I speak to Jack Simpson, please?
B: _______2_______
A: I see. Well, what time will he be there?
B: _______3_______
A: Right, I'll ring again then. Thanks a lot.
B: _______4_______
A: Goodbye.
  Conversation 2  
C: _______5_______
D: I'd like to speak to someone about bringing forward a delivery.
C: _______6_______
E: _______7_______
D: I'm phoning about our order for three motors.
E: _______8_______
D: Yes, it's FC/172/Y. We'd like earlier delivery if possible.
E: _______9_______
D: OK. Could you ring me back today?
E: _______10_______
D: That'll be fine. Thanks very much.


1. I'll put you through to Order Inquiries.

2. From about two this afternoon.

3. Yes, late this afternoon if that's convenient.

4. Yes, it is. Can I help you?

5. I'm afraid he's out of the office at the moment.

6. Garston Motors. Can I help you?

7. Right. Well, I'll have to check with the workshop.

8. Can you give me the order number?

9. Order Inquiries. Can I help you?

10. You're welcome. Goodbye.






2.3. (16 x 2points) Below you will see parts of three letters of enquiry. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B … or P) in the boxes.



1. advertisement 2. advise 3. current issue 4. Dear 5. discount   6. faithfully 7. forward 8. information 9. latest catalogue 10. model   11. particularly 12. payment 13. price list 14. price range 15. reference 16. still available  


__(1)__ Sir

I have seen your __(2)__ in the __(3)__ of 'Office Weekly' and am interested in your range of office stationery.

Could you please send me your __(4)__ and __(5)__ I look __(6)__to hearing from you.

Yours __(7)__.


With __(8)__ to your advertisement in today's 'Times', could you please send me __(9)__ about your office furniture. I am __(10)__ interested in your adjustable typist's chairs.


Some time ago we purchased from you some JF72 solar-powered pocket calculators.

As this __(11)__ was so popular with our customers, we would like to know if it is __(12)__. If so, would you kindly __(13)__ us of your terms of __(14)__ and any quantity __(15)__ available. Could you also include details of any new models in the same __(16)__.



1.     9.  
2.   10.  
3.   11.  
4.   12.  
5.   13.  
6.   14.  
7.   15.  
8.   16.  



Points) Janet Brown, your boss, has called a meeting on Thursday, but you cannot attend because you will be away at a conference.

Write a short note to your boss


- apologising for your absence

- explaining why you will be away

- saying where the conference is.


Write about 15-20 words.


TO:Janet Brown   Message:   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  



Points) Read the text below about the financier Muriel Siebert. Translate the text into Russian.


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