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Task 3. Rewrite the sentences filling in correct prepositions. Underline the prepositions.

1. What can you prescribe ___ the pain in my back, doctor?

2. It’s easier to get there ___ foot than by bus.

3. I can’t read while you’re standing ___ my light.

4. We were treated ____ a nice surprise this week.

5. The meat is done ___ a turn.

6. ___ no account must you tell them about our plans.

7. The World Health Organization has told people to stay away ___ Ugandan caves with bats, due to the fact that a tourist visiting Uganda was recently killed by the fatal Marburg virus.

8. Edinburgh has made a strong impression ___ the visitors.

9. I’m trying to catch up ___ the latest developments in molecular biology.

10. If our school has to some extent succeeded ___ this aim, it can look back with satisfaction over its past record.


Task 4. Rewrite the sentences choosing correct words in brackets. Underline the words chosen.

1. Is it possible to (do/make) a fortune if you are starting a business with absolutely no money?

2. It won’t (do/make) to sit up so late.

3. If you (do/make) a report, you will need to provide as much information as possible to enable the quick and thorough investigation.

4. She didn't (do/make) her best so she felt sad.

5. He (did/made) the assignment, but forgot to bring it to school.

6. There are so many decisions to (do/make).

7. It was a pleasure (doing/making) business with you.

8. You can (do/make) the dinner.

9. Can you tell me how much money he (does/makes)?

10. If you want to buy that car, I'm sure we can (do/make) a deal.


Task 5. Rewrite the sentences putting the verbs in brackets in appropriate oblique moods. Underline the verbs.

1. If only she (be) more tactful.

2. John wishes he (not forget) to turn off the water heater before he left.

3. If she (not eat) so much cake, she (not be) sick last night.

4. It is simply curious that she (go) back on her word last week.

5. If you (meet) him, ask him to tell you how it happened.

6. I’d rather you (not come) yesterday.

7. I’d rather you (go) now.

8. You are shivering as if it (be) cold.

9. I feel as if I (know) you for ages.

10. But for my headache I (enjoy) myself at the party yesterday.

11. You look as if you (be) at a grammar lesson now.

12. It was arranged that the examination (take) place on April 1.


Task 6. Rewrite the sentences choosing correct words in brackets. Underline the words chosen.

1. These shoes are expensive – (beside/besides), they're too small.

2. The long (draught/drought) brought great hardships for the farmers.

3. I could have (laid/lain) in bed all day.

4. Captain Cook named the place Botany Bay because of the (luxuriant/luxurious) jungle vegetation surrounding it.

5. He had a small (amount/number) of ammunition left.

6. The drug did not (affect/effect) the disease, and it had several adverse side (affects/effects).

7. The (principal/principle) taught us many important life (principals/ principles).

8. Guilty (conscience/ consciousness) pricks the mind.

9. A (fair/fare) is the fee paid by a traveler allowing him or her to make use of a public transport system.


Task 7. Choose the required nouns from the list below and use them in the sentence in the plural. Underline the nouns.

(nouveau riche, species, mongoose, parenthesis, crisis, louse, datum, canvas, index, German, stimulus, dormouse, chamois)

1. Information on market ____ for the euro area, the United States and Japan is presented below.

2. ____ are just one type of parasites which thrive on the human body.

3. Globalisation has increased the frequency and spread of financial ____, but not necessarily their severity

4. There are seven ____ of the sawfish family Pristidae found in Australia, Africa and South America.

5. Common ____ may spend up to three quarters of their life asleep.

6. Booming Vietnam's ____ indulge in luxury.

7. ____ live at moderately high altitudes and are adapted to living in steep, rugged, rocky terrain.

8. Recent ____ confirm the theoretical idea that the power source is accretion into a massive black hole.

9. ____ are events in the environment that influence behavior.

10. ____ have long faces and bodies, small rounded ears, short legs, and long tapering tails.

11. These two ____ by Hockney would sell for £500 000.

12. The ____ are a Germanic people which as an ethnicity emerged during the post-medieval Unification of Germany.

13. ____ are occasionally and sparingly used for extra, nonessential material included in a sentence.


Task 8. Insert the verbs say, speak, tell in gaps in correct form. Underline these verbs.

1. He knows which side his bread is buttered, so to ____.

2. Mr Green is good at ____ jokes.

3. Everything at the party ____ of careful planning.

4. Don’t try to ____ me how to behave.

5. ____ what you like, but I think it was a marvelous film.

6. I can’t ____ George from Fred. They are twins.

7. All these late nights are beginning to ____ on your work.

8. He is ___ to have been the first man on Everest.

9. We don’t like ice cream. – ____ for yourself!

10. It goes without ____ that my home work must be done in time.


Task 9. Rewrite the sentences filling in the gaps with it or there. Underline these words.

1. ____ is fun being a singer.

2. ____ is no use your complaining, they won’t do anything.

3. At no stage has ____ been any consultation with the director about it.

4. ____ will soon be breakfast time.

5. ____ seems she lost her way.

6. Since ____ happened to be a nice day, we decided to go to the beach.

7. If ____ weren’t for Tom, I wouldn’t be here today.

8. ____ appears to have been a mistake in your work.

9. ____ appears she wouldn’t come after all.

10. Is ____ any use in reading this book?


Task 10. Complete the sentences using tag questions.

E.g. You speak English, ____? – You speak English, don’t you?

1. This record’s sold over a million copies, ____?

2. He’d better go there now, ____?

3. She’s widely read, ____?

4. She’d put the book on the table before I came, ____?

5. John has to get up early, ____?

6. You had your watch repaired, ____?

7. There won’t be any trouble, ____?

8. He’d rather you didn’t tell her, ____?

9. Nobody can speak English, ____?

10. I am a student, ____?


Task 11. Change the sentences using the passive voice. Use the italicized words as the subject. Underline the predicate.

E.g. I have written the letter. – The letter has been written.

1. We saw neither John nor Mary in the theatre.

2. We waited for Mr Brown together with his family to arrive.

3. They expect me as much as my colleagues to organize the conference.

4. They have painted each room and corridor in the house.

5. They have removed lots of snow this winter.

6. We have already eaten 5 percent of oranges.

7. They report the police to have stopped the riot.

8. I saw a number of students cheating at the exam.

9. They study acoustics in the second year at the Physics Department.

10. A lot of people visit The Netherlands on holidays.


Task 12. Choose verbs from the list below and use them in the sentences in the correct form.

(to do, to wear, to serve, to earn, to hold, to treat, to ache, to rest, to prompt, to strike)

1. After climbing the mountain he ____ all over.

2. Did you learn ____ sums at school?

3. The roof ____ on eight columns.

4. A students’ meeting ____ in our department yesterday.

5. What ____ you to look for him in our village?

6. It will ____ you right for having disobeyed me.

7. They ____ by his strange behavior the day before yesterday.

8. The carpet ____ by the many feet that had trodden on it.

9. His first book ____ him the fame of a novelist.

10. I’ll ____ myself to a week-end holiday.



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