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Programs of LTE works for the related power units are annually included in a list of high-priority tasks of «Rosenergoatom».

In 2003, the Kola NPP continued preparations of the power unit 2 to the ТЕ activities. The in-depth safety assessment report was completely developed; this is a basic document to justify allowability and safety of the continued operation of the unit.

In December 2003, a complete set of documents for justification of possibility of the unit-2 LTE was submitted to Gosatomnadzor of Russia as part of an application for operating the long-term operating license after expiration of a 30-year operation period determined earlier. Activities on upgrading the unit equipment and systems will be fully implemented in the year of 2004.

In 2003, the Leningrad NPP completed a number of activities on prepa­ration of the unit 1 to LTE. The comprehensive inspection of the unit was completed, the residual lifetime for components and systems, including irreplaceable reactor installation elements, was identified and substantiated, and the in-depth safety assessment report was completely developed. Civil works as to construction of auxiliary buildings and facilities were completed to arrange the blowing additional safety related systems in the power unit:

- emergency reactor cooling systems;

- shutdown reactor supply systems;

- reliable service water supply systems.

The works on implementation of the following equipment are being performed:

- integrated emergency core cooldown monitoring system;

- second system for reactor trip;

- redundant control panel.

The set of second stage upgrading activities in the power unit 1 is planned to implement in the year of 2004.

Following the works carried out for preparation of the Leningrad-1 for oper­ation during the additional period of time the Minatom of Russia made a decision on the unit lifetime extension by 15 years beyond the designed one.

A license of Gosatomnadzor of Russia was issued for extended opera­tion of the power unit. According to the license conditions the extended opera­tion of the unit at power can be carried out after completion of all the second stage upgrading works in the unit with the purpose of its safety level improve­ment.

In 2003, a number of administrative-and-technical and financial documents was developed to ensure implementation of a number of activities on preparation of the Leningrad-2 to its lifetime exten­sion. The activities on comprehensive inspection of the unit equipment and sys­tems, and development of the in-depth safety assessment report were carried out. The activities on preparation of the Leningrad-2 to LTE will be continued in the year of 2004.

The Kursk NPP continued activities started in 2002 that are associat­ed with the second stage of the upgrad­ing program in the power unit 2 and provide for implementation of new sys­tems to improve the unit safety and operational reliability, i.e.:

- second channel of the emergency core cooling system (ECCS-2);

- two-channel integrated core cont­rol and protection system for RBMK-1000;

- centralized DPS («Skala-mikro»):

- two-channel reactor protection sys­tem on flow in group headers;

- two-channel uninterruptible power supply system for the special sys­tems to be implemented.

Construction works are completed for the control and supply building (KUP-2), process tunnel for communication between the unit-1 ECCS-2 and the unit-2, cable channel etc. Installation of equipment of special systems, process and electro-technical equipment on all the stems being upgraded was started. The pressure channels were replaced to the extent determined by the performed inspections of conditions of a «graphite bricks - pressure channel» gap. The activities are planned to complete in the first half-year 2004. The purpose of implementation of the second stage upgrading measures is to obtain a license from Gosatomnadzor of Russia for continued operation of the Kursk-2 the nominal power of 1 ООО MW.

In 2003 the program for preparation of the Kursk-1 to LTE was started. The unit systems and equipment were com­prehensively inspected.

In the year of 2003, in accordance with the company's regulation titled «General provisions for second genera­tion plant lifetime extension» (RD EO 0327-01) and the Tentative program of works on preparation of second genera­tion plants to LTE that was approved by the Minatom of Russia, the activities on preparation of the second generation units to LTE were continued.

In compliance with the agreed schedules, the activities were implemented for preparation to LTE of those power units, whose design service life is to expire within 7 - 10 11years, i.e. Beloyarsk-3, Kola-3, Leninrad-3 and 4, Novovoro-nezh-5 and Smo­lensk-1.

Taking into consideration the impor­tance of the challenges in the area of nuclear power, issues of the plant upgrading and lifetime extension were regularly considered at on-site meet­ings with participation of the manage­ment of Minatom of Russia and con­cern «Rosenergoatom» as well as the­matic boards of the Minatom of Russia.


2 Переведите на русский язык следующие английские словосочетания:

1) the in-depth safety assessment;

2) allowability and safety of the continued operation of the unit;

3) activities on upgrading the unit equipment;

4)the comprehensive inspection of the unit;

5) residual lifetime for components and systems;

6) irreplaceable reactor installation elements;

7) additional safety systems in the power unit;

8) emergency reactor cooling systems;

9) shutdown reactor supply systems;

10) reliable service water supply system.

3 Найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты следующих словосочетаний:

1)полный пакет документов;

2) приоритетные задачи концерна;

3) система управления аварийным расхолаживанием реактора;

4) резервный пульт управления;

5) повышение уровня безопасности;

6) организационно-технические и финансовые документы;

7) комплексное обследование оборудования и систем энергоблока;

8) система бесперебойного электроснабжения;

9) система контроля управления и защиты реактора;

10) система защиты реактора.


4 Найдите в тексте слова, имеющие общий корень с данными словами. Определите, к какой части речи они относятся, и переведите их на русский язык:

1) toallow;

2) cool;

3) to protect;

4) to interrupt;

5) to comprehend;

6) to shut;

7) place;

8) life;

9) to add;

10) to assess.

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