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ТЕКСТ Б Mining and Geological Higher Education in Russia


In Russia young people get mining education at special institutes which train geologists and mining engineers for coal and ore min­ing. The total number of students of an institute includes full-time students, part-time students and postgraduate students.

Russian higher educational establishments offer different spe­cializations for the students. Thus, at the geological institutes, the students specialize in geology, the science which deals with differ­ent problems connected with the Earth, its history, the study of rocks, their physical and chemical properties. One of the mai.i tasks of geology is to prospect, discover and study the deposits of useful minerals.

Geology is both a theoretical and an applied science. Mining ge­ology is of great importance to the mining engineer. As a rule, min­ing geology includes economic geology.

The outstanding Russian geologist V.A. Obruchev says that geol­ogy is the science of the Earth which reveals to us how the Earth took shape, its composition and its changes. Geology helps prospect for ores, coal, oil, salt and other useful minerals.

Higher mining schools (universities, academies, institutes and colleges) develop a wide range of courses and programmes that meet the requirements of the society.They offer courses in mining tech­nology, machinery and transport, hydraulic engineering, electrical engineering, industrial electronics, automation, surveying, geodesy, information technology, etc.

The main trend in the development of higher mining education
is the introduction of courses in environmental protection, manage­
ment (environmental human resources), economics and manage­
ment of mining enterprises, marketing1 studies, computer-aided
design (CAD)2 and others. ',.

Computer science is also of great importance. The course aims at providing students with understanding how software and hardware technology helps solving problems.

Laboratory work is an important part in training specialists. Ex­periments in laboratories and workshops will help students to de­velop their practical skills. They have a short period of field work to gain working experience.

The students go through practical training at mines, plants and other industrial enterprises.. They become familiar with all stages of production and every job from worker to engineer. Here they get practical knowledge and experience necessary for their diploma.(graduation) papers.

A lot of students belong to students' scientific groups. They take part in the research projects which their departments usually con­duct. Postgraduates carry out research in different fields of science and engineering.

Sport centres give the students opportunities to play different sports such as tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, ' skiing, water polo, boxing, wrestling and others. (

Students graduate from mining and geological higher schools as mining engineers, mining mechanical engineers, ecologists, mining electrical engineers, geologists, economists and managers for mining industry.


Marketing и — (маркетинг) процесс выявления и удовлетворения спроса

На изделия компании

Computer-aided design (CAD) — автоматизированное проектирование

25. Найдите в тексте т выпишите существительные с суффиксами -1st,
-aunt, -алее, -Оон
и прилагательные с суффиксами -в/, -ent, -fill, -ic, -able.

Существительные Прилагательные

-ist -ment -ance -tion -al -ent -ful -ic -able

26. Прочитайте следующие сочетания слов и переведите их:

Mining engineers higher mining schools

Ore mining mining technology

Full-time students hydraulic engineering

Part-time students electrical engineering

Postgraduate students industrial electronics

Theoretical science information technology

Applied science environmental protection

Mineral deposits human resources

Structural geology computer science

Practical skills hardware/software technology

Practical training diploma paper


27. Ответьте в* следующие вопросы:

1. Where can one get mining education in Russia?

2. What does geology study?

3. How did Obruchev define (определять) geology?

4. Does geology deal only with prospecting for useful minerals?

5. What specializations does the Mining Institute offer?

6. What subjects do the students study?

7. Where do the students go through practical training?

8. What does the computer course aim at?

9. Do the students play sports?

28. а) Найдите в правой колонке русские эквиваленты следующих сочета­
ний слов.

1. physical and chemical pro- а) широкий круг проблем

perties б) денные месторождения по-

2. the deposits of useful лезных ископаемых

minerals в) горный инженер-механик

3. a wide range of problems г) вести научно-исследова-

4. valuable deposits тельскую работу

5. mining mechanical engineer д) принимать форму

6. to carry out scientific e) техническое и программное

research обеспечение

7. take shape ж) студенты (последнего

8. undeigraduates курса)

9. graduation paper з) дипломная работа

10. hardware and software и) физические и химические


к) месторождение полезных ископаемых

6) Найдите в правой колонке английские эквиваленты следующих сочета­ний слов:

1. оканчивать институт a) to train gelogists and mining

2. поступать в университет engineers (

3. получать образование б) to gain experience

4. готовить геологов и гор- в) to play different sports

них инженеров г) students' scientific groups

5. высшие горные учебные д) to graduate from the institute

заведения е) to get education

6. приобретать опыт ж) to enter university

7. студенческие научные об- з) higher mining schools


8. заниматься различными

видами спорта

29. Подберите к существительным из списка А соответствующие прила­
гательные из списка Б:

А. 1. properties Б. a) basic

2. workers б) rich

3. development в) practical

4.equipment r) prominent (outstanding)

5. ore д) rapid-

6. subjects e) reliable

7. training ж) skilled

8. scientist з) valuable

9. minerals и) physical

30. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на значение местои­
мения both и союза both... and.


Местоимение Парный союз
both оба both... and и... и, как... так и

1. In Russia, young people get mining education both at special
colleges and at mining departments of universities.

2. Practical work both in the field and in drawing classes is very
important for the future surveyor.

3. The mining institutes design their courses to give attention
both to basic engineering and mathematics. Both subjects are of great
importance for the future engineer.

4. The library has both scientific books and journals.

5. A new institute will train both geologists and mining engi­

6. Both methods of prospecting are in use.


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