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Read and translate the text, say what its main points are.



Kemerovo State University was founded in 1974. The university has branches in four Kuzbass cities and Ulan-Bator and provides teaching at the Institute of Distant Education. The university has 6 buildings most of which are conveniently located in the centre of the city.

The students are admitted to the university on the basis of their results in USE.

Kemorovo State University aims to give its students the highest type of education and training and to enable them to carry out scientific research work. After completing the course of four years a university graduate gets the Bachelor’s Degree. Later he can continue his studies and research and defend a thesis to get Master’s Degree.

Tuition is mostly free of charge, but some students study on a contractual basis. The lectures are delivered by highly qualified university teachers. They usually combine teaching with research. Students do not pay for using books, for laboratory work and teaching aids. Most students receive scholarships. There are special higher scholarships for honour students. The academic year is divided into two terms. The students are required to earn their end-of-term credits and pass examinations. Marks are entered into students’ record books. The students also have practical studies and seminars, carry out laboratory tests, experiments and do research work.

The university has good facilities for studies and rest. It has a number of laboratories specially designed and equipped for practical work and carrying out experiments. Students may go to the University Internet Hall or work in the faculty computer classes. At the university there is a good library with a large reading-room, a large hall for meetings, sports grounds and gyms, some dining rooms and coffee bars. Non-resident students may be given accommodation in three halls of residence.

Kemerovo State University cooperates with foreign universities from France, Germany, Belgium, China and Mongolia exchanging teachers and students. University teachers and students take an active part in international seminars, conferences and programmes. There are 12 faculties at the University: Biology, Mathematics, Sociology-Psychology, History and International Relations, Modern Languages, Physical Education and Sport, Physics, Philology and Journalism, Political Science and Sociology, Chemistry, Economics, Law. Twelve faculties of the university train about 22,000 students.

Kemorovo State University aims to give its students the highest type of education and training and to enable them to carry out scientific research work. The University has two levels of tuition. After completing the course of four years a university graduate gets the Bachelor’s Degree. Later he/ she can continue his/her studies and research and present a thesis to get Master’s Degree of Science.

Mathematics Faculty is one of the oldest and biggest in the University. About 700 full-time and part-time students study at the faculty, which trains Bachelors and Masters in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Software Engineering and Management of Information Systems. The faculty has the departments of Higher Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations, Algebra and Geometry, Mathematical Cybernetics, Automation of Research and Technical Cybernetics, Computational Mathematics, and New Information Technologies.

The Dean of the faculty is assisted by Sub-Deans responsible for academic affairs, student affairs, external education and information technologies. The academic staff totals about 80 highly qualified lecturers, assistant professors and professors. The teachers of the faculty give lectures and seminar classes; supervise their course and diploma papers.

The curriculum involves various general and special subjects. The attendance of lectures and seminars is obligatory.

The faculty Student Union is responsible for organizing festivals, olympiads, sports events and other extracurricular activities.

A large number of graduates teach mathematics at schools and higher educational establishments. Those students who specialize in applied mathematics and programming work in various spheres of science and business.


4. Give the Russian equivalents of the following English words and
word combinations.

To provide teaching; conveniently located; on the basis of their results; to study free of charge; on a contractual basis; to deliver lectures; to combine teaching with research; to receive scholarships; honour student; to do research work; to complete the course of studies; professional activities; non-resident students, pure mathematics; full-time and part-time students; external education: software engineering; assistant professor; to give lectures; distinguished staff; scientific degrees; attendance of lectures; to be responsible for smth.; to take an active part.

5. Give the English equivalents of the following Russian words and
word combinations.

Филиал; высококвалифицированные преподаватели; получать зачеты; выполнять лабораторные работы; условия для учебы и отдыха; спортивный зал; предоставлять жилье в общежитии; сотрудничать с зарубежными университетами; обмениваться преподавателями и студентами; принимать активное участие; прикладная математика; кафедра высшей математики; заочное образование; насчитывать/равняться; руководить курсовыми работами; посещение лекций; выпускник; заниматься научно-исследовательской работой, внеучебная деятельность.



6. Use the word "course" and the clues provided to complete the grid below.




A person who applies for the university.

A test of skill or knowledge.

A person who studies at school or college.

One or two periods of time in which academic year is divided.

A formal written paper submitted for a doctorate.

The academic title given by an institution.

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