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Ex. 12. Read and translate the sentences. Define the function of Participle I.

1. Databases are programs allowing the user to store, view or change a large quantity of information quickly and easily.

2. Intel Corporation is a leading manufacturer of microprocessors and integrated circuits.

3. I was surfing the Net, looking for information on jazz music.

4. An icon is a small picture representing an object, process or function.

5. Some people can forget about the whole world while using a computer or surfing the Net.

6. The Internet is a network of networks linking tens of thousands of businesses, universities, and research organizations with millions of individual users.

7. You may lose some of the formatting when viewing the document in another program.

8. The arithmetic-logical unit is a part of the computer performing the four arithmetic operations.

9. The NEWTON is a handheld communications device having several functions, including the ability to translate handwriting into typewritten text.

10. "Spreadsheet" is a term referring to a program, program file, or printout in which data are stored in rows and columns.

11. Using a videocassette recorder, you can easily make copies of the tape.

12. The number of companies working in the computer industry is constantly increasing.


Ex. 13. PARTICIPLE II. Use Participle II instead of Infinitive. Translate the phrases and use some of them in the sentences of your own.


1. the [to crack] code; 2. the report [to print] in duplicate; 3. errors [to make] in calculations; 4. the file [to delete] by mistake; 5. the [to choose] profession; 6. the [to process] data; 7. new electronic devices [to display] at the exhibition; 8. the video game [to download] from the Internet; 9. the software [to work out] by a young programmer; 10. the text [to type in] from the keyboard; 11. a mechanism [to power] by electricity; 12. illegally [to distribute] software.


1. информация, полученная из базы данных;

2. лаборатория, оборудованная сложными электронными устройствами;

3. команды, написанные на языке программирования, известном под названием Ada;

4. интегральная схема, изобретённая Джоном Килби;

5. компьютеры, выпускаемые компанией IBM;

6. операционная система, разработанная специально для суперкомпьютеров;

7. информация, найденная в Интернете;

8. прибор усовершенствованной конструкции;

9. закодированные данные;

10. поезд, управляемый автомашинистом;

11. программы, установленные на диске D;

12. универсальный компьютер, созданный Ч. Бэббиджем.


Ex. 14. Read and translate the sentences. Define the function of Participle II.

1. This is the edited version of my speech.

2. If translated into Russian, this article will be of great service to programmers.

3. The CPU is controlled by a set of software instructions called a program.

4. When recorded on ROM, the information cannot be erased or written over.

5. The idea of an internally stored program was introduced in the late 1940s by the Hungarian-born mathematician John von Neumann.

6. If undetected in time, viruses may be powerful enough to destroy a whole computer system.


7. The early computers were huge and needed a lot of power compared to today’s microprocessor-driven computers.

8. Though designed for beginning programmers, BASIC has become a universal language for personal computers.

9. A monitor is a TV-like device connected to a computer that displays information on a screen.

10. When overheated, the circuit may lead to a failure of a device.


Ex. 15. Compare the translation of Participle I and Participle II in the pairs of the following sentences.

1. Great plants equipped with modern machinery produce computers. Great plants producing computers are equipped with modern machinery.

2. Machines called computers make complicated calculations. Machines making complicated calculations are called computers.

3. The book written by our scientists describes new inventions. The book describing new inventions was written by our scientists.

4. Our laboratory equipped with modern devices works on new projects. Our laboratory working on new projects is equipped with modern devices.

5. Microcomputers invented in the 1970s help much in research work. Microcomputers helping much in research work were invented in the 1970s.


Ex. 16. Read and translate the sentences. Define the function of participles.

1. The demand for skilled specialists working in the IT field is constantly increasing.

2. Online chat allows people to carry on discussions, using written text.

3. The smart card contains an embedded microchip on the reverse side that stores data about the user, including a password.

4. If located in secondary memory devices, such as disks or tapes, programs and data are first loaded into internal memory.

5. Several concealed video cameras are scanning every part of the building.

6. Many countries have cable TV – a system using wires for transmitting TV programs.

7. LAN consists of several PCs or workstations connected to a special computer called a server, often within the same building or office complex.

8. When entering the Internet, we can always find a lot of interesting information.

9. PASCAL is a programming language created in 1970 and named after the mathematician Blaise Pascal.

10. There are thousands of websites providing huge amounts of rapidly changing data.

11. When viewed sideways, the smiley :-) means 'I'm happy'.

12. Programs called viruses or worms can spread from computer to computer, erasing information or causing malfunctions.


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