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Заполните пропуски фразами из рамки.

-Just after the meal. -What’s the matter? -I think he’s been overworking. -Why not consult a doctor? -Where exactly is the pain? -He had had a heart attack before. -Have you caught a cold? - Do you eat very big meals? - I’m allergic to odors and dust.


D ---------------?

P It hurts in my right side.

D ---------------?

P Here. I could hardly work.

D When do you get it?

P ---------------.

D I think you’ve got the problems with your liver. ---------------?

P Oh, yes. I’m a big eater.

D That’s the reason why you have these pains. Lighter meals and probably they’ll put you




A I haven’t seen Tony lately. How is he?

B He’s been off work a day or two.

A What’s wrong with him?

B ---------------.

A Oh, dear. He is so young.

B ---------------.

A I hope he gets over it soon.

B Thank you. He’ll be pleased to hear you asked after him.



A You don’t look your unusual self. ---------------? Your eyes are reddish and you

are sneezing.

B I have the symptoms of a cold, but actually it’s an allergy.

A I didn’t know you were allergic to something.

B --------------.

A How long have you had this?

B This is the first time.

A ---------------?

B I’ve already been to the doctor.

A OK. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.


Заполните пропуски словами и фразами из раздела «Полезные слова и выражения»


A Good morning. I need to see a dentist as soon as possible. I have a ---------------.

B Luckily, she has a cancellation. You may come in.


A Oh, doctor, this tooth is killing me.

B How long ---------------?

A I could hardly sleep the night before.

B Well, let’s have a look…. You lost ---------------. If I were you, I’d come to the doctor

immediately. But now it’s too late.

A So, I can’t have it treated?

B No. Unfortunately, I have to ---------------.



A Good morning, Mr. Sark. What --------------- you?

B I have a pain in my --------------- and a bad cough.

A Do you have any other symptoms?

B I’ve got a high temperature and I feel weak.

A Well, let me --------------- you. … It sounds as if it’s pneumonia.

B What do you ---------------?

A Let somebody take this prescription to the --------------- and get the medicines.

B What medicines are these?

A These are the antibiotics, antihistamines and vitamins. --------------- in bed for at least two

or three days. I’ll come to see you in a couple of days.

B You were very kind.



A I’m Mrs. Fernandez. I’m here on business.

B What do you --------------- of, Mrs. Fernandez?

A It’s my back. It’s killing me.

B Are you taking any ------------?

A Just painkillers.

B Well, I think I’ll write out you a --------------- for some ointment.

A Does it have any -------------- effects?

B No. So, keep taking painkillers, but follow the ---------------. It is one tablet after --------------.

Don’t forget to -------------- the ointment. Call me if you don’t feel better.


Составьте собственные диалоги по образцу упражнения 2.

Переведите диалоги на английский язык.


A Доброе утро, доктор.

B Доброе утро. Что Вас беспокоит?

A У меня болит горло и чувствую слабость.

B Вы кашляете?

A Да. Я почти не могла спать прошлой ночью.

B Как давно это у Вас?

A Три дня.

B Позвольте осмотреть Вас…. Я думаю, у Вас грипп.

A Что Вы посоветуете?

B Таблетки от простуды, антигистаминные препараты и витамины.



A Доктор,помогите, пожалуйста. Мне нездоровится.

B Вас тошнит?

A Да, ужасно.

B Рвота есть?

A Меня рвет после каждого приема пищи.

B Голова кружится?

A Нет, только тошнота.

B Вы думаете это как-то связано с тем, что вы ели сегодня?

A Да, я уверена



A Доктор, мы вас ждем.

B Что случилось?

A У мистера Лесли был сердечный приступ.

B Добрый день, мистер Лесли. Есть боли в сердце?

С Нет, сейчас нет.

B Какие лекарства Вы приняли?

С Сердечные лекарства, которые обычно принимаю, когда чувствую себя плохо.

В Давайте померим давление….Давление немного повышенное.

С Что же мне делать?

В Я выпишу Вам больничный лист и направление на ЭКГ. Я советую Вам оставаться

в постели дня два. И вот рецепт на новое сердечное лекарство. Следуйте

дозировке, пожалуйста.


Полезные слова и выражения.

circulatory diseases – болезни кровообращения

digestive problems – проблемы с пищеварением

fats – жиры

fibre content – содержание клетчатки

herbs – травы

over-exertion – превышение нагрузки

saturated fat – насыщенные жиры

stamina – жизненная сила

tooth decay – зубной кариес

well-being – хорошее самочувствие

wholemeal bread – хлеб с цельным зерном


A guide to healthy living


The average diet carries considerable health risks. In the last century we have increased the amount of saturated fats, sugars and reduced the fibre content of our diet. These changes caused a massive rise in heart and circulatory diseases, tooth decay and a wide range of digestive problems. Here are the following guidelines for a healthier diet:

  • reducing fats

Grill or bake food when possible. Eat more low-fat cheeses, such as cottage cheese, Edam or Mozzarella.

  • reducing meat fat

Eat more chicken, turkey and liver. Avoid eating sausages. Eat more fish.

  • reducing sugars

Avoid daily snacks of cakes and sweets. Cut out sugar in tea and coffee. Avoid soft drinks with added sugar.

  • reducing salt

Cut down on salt – use herbs. Avoid salty snacks like crisps.

  • eating more fibre

Eat wholemeal bread every day. Use brown rice. Eat potatoes in their jackets. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.


Enjoyable and regular exercise will make you feel and look healthier.

  • the benefits

Regular exercise improves the efficiency of your heart and circulation. It reduces weight. It protects against backache. It relieves stress and leaves you with a feeling of well-being.

  • choosing the exercise

Whether you choose jogging, swimming or disco dancing, you should take into consideration that the exercise should be enjoyable and make you feel good.

  • when to start

Check with your doctor before starting any exercise programme. It is important to start slowly with, say, 10 minutes a day. Being unable to move is a sign of over-exertion and is only likely to delay the next session. Build up to a total of at least two hours a week. You’ll see a gradual increase in stamina and well-being.


Прослушайте четыре диалога и закончите утверждения, соответствующие каждому из них.

1. The patient …...

a. lost a crown b. broke the tooth c. lost a filling

2. The doctor wrote a prescription for…..

a. a cold b. an allergy c. a sore throat

3. The doctor wants the patient to get …..

a. X-rayed b. operated c. examined

4. The patient wants to see.….

a. an acupuncturist b. a dentist c. an ophthalmologist


9. Ответьте на вопросы о здоровом питании.

1. A calorie is: a. a type of vitamin b. a unit of energy c. a blood cell

2. Protein is: a. a body-building material b. a hormone c. sugar

3. Which type of wine generally has the most calories?

a. red wine b. white wine c. sparkling wine

4. Cholesterol is: a. a part of sugar b. a disease c. a product of fat digestion

5. What effect does eating oily fish have?

a. it reduces blood cholesterol levels b. it prevents colds c. it makes you put on weight

6. Why is “fast food” a bad idea?

a. it contains hardly any nutrients b. It gives little protein in relation to fat

c. it contains too much salt and fat

7. Too much salt can lead to:

a. high blood pressure b. poor eyesight c. over-eating

8. Which is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy?

a. to use slimming and vitamins pills b. to eat only fruit and vegetables

c. to eat a variety of foods in smaller quantities



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