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Ex 25. Listen and repeat

Tomorrow, finish, thing, consultant, moment, lunch, participant, thank, minutes, financial, benefit, leading, searching, employees, losing, message, putting, item


Урок 6


Ex. 7. Listen to the announcement and finish the sentences in the course book.

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. Captain Monigetti welcomes you aboard Alitalia Flight 784 to Ottawa. We are now flying at altitude of 10,500 m. The temperature outside is minus 45° C. The speed is approximately 9,900 km an hour. The scheduled time of arrival is 0640. We’ll make a stop over at Dublin airport in two hours. Our flight attendants will serve lunch and beverages in forty minutes.


Ex. 32 Listen and repeat

Job, point, back, but, postpone, board, purpose, hope, break, proposal



Driver, meet, head, travel, road, minutes, afraid, carried, shift, train



Like, again, work, fax, great, screen, glad, closed, October, August


Урок 7.

Listen and fill in the gaps.

London Transport is the largest urban transport organization in Europe. It covers the area of 630 square miles. Each working day, about 6.5 million passenger trips are made on the bus and underground services.

The world’s first underground railway was opened in the City of London in 1863. Today, London Underground serves 273 stations and uses 470 trains. There is a general manager in charge of each of the Underground’s eleven lines. In all, London Underground employs over 21,000 people.

Stations are signed by a London transport symbol. Look at the Underground map to decide your journey. You can buy your ticket before traveling either from a ticket machine or a ticket office. The intervals between trains are not long and trains run until about 00.15. It is very important to know the final destination of the train you are waiting for, as from some platforms trains leave for different destinations. You can ask one of the staff if you are lost. Most trains stop at all station, but several stations are closed at weekends.



Listen to the words and put them into the columns

Run, one, long, register, way, clean, would, deal, contract, with, remember, was, belt, right, left


Урок 8


Room service Hello, room service, can I help you?

Guest Could you bring up breakfast as soon as possible?

Room service English or continental?

Guest English, please.

Room service Would you like raspberry marmalade or strawberry marmalade? Both are very


Guest OK, well, I think I’ll go for the strawberry then.

Room service Yes, madam. So that’s bacon and eggs, toast and marmalade and English tea.

Guest That’s it. Thank you.

Room service And our room number, please?

Guest Oh, it’s 455.


27. Listen to the words and put them into the columns.

First, divorced, wife, flexible, supervisor, interviewer, qualified, everything, floor, develop


Урок 9

Listen to the text and do the exercise.

Eating out in Britain

Eating out is very popular in Great Britain. It is a kind of a life style. You start with reserving a table and informing about it your guests. It is rather important, because the seats at the best restaurant in town can be already reserved. On Friday night you may even wait to be seated, because Friday night is the time for dates and meetings with friends. By the way, English people do not wish each other “Good Appetite” when starting their meal.

Britain is a multi-racial country where you can try dishes of different cuisines, such as Indian, Chinese, Japanese as well as European ones like French and Greek.

Going to “Pubs” or “Public Houses” is another tradition which has a long, long history. People come here to meet friends, chat, have a drink, listen to music or play darts. The most popular drink here is beer, but cocktails, wine and strong drinks are also served here. The law is very strict and children under 14 are not allowed into the pubs. Teenagers between 14 and 18 can enter but they won’t be served with beer and alcohol.


Listen to the words and put them into the columns.

Day, mine, main, arrange, comprise, against, right, line, change, nine, delay, combine.

Listen to the words and put them into the columns.

How, boy, about, voice, round, pointer, coin, handout, appoint, brown, down, joint.


Урок 10

Listen to the dialogue and mark the following sentences as True or False.

-- In the studio with us today is Jim Morrison and we are going to talk about “Grey Tomorrow”.

Hello, Jim. Nice to see you again.

--Hello, Bob. Nice to see you, too.

--Jim, what kind of film is “Grey Tomorrow”?

-- It’s a crime film about a police officer who fell in love with a gangster and helped him to escape from prison.

--Is the film based on real events?

-- Oh, yes. This is a real love story full of passion and despair. Phil Anderson researched every single detail of it. He read all newspaper articles and even went to Toledo to see the location and to talk to witnesses.

--Which two main actors star in the film?

-- Tim Fincher and Barbara Nelson. They are brilliant as always. Thanks to the cast the film is bound to be a success.

--Did you find the ending predictable?

--I did, but still the film is worth watching. Don’t expect any surprises from “Grey Tomorrow’ and you won’t be disappointed. I can recommend it.

Listen to the words and put them into the columns.

Engineer, no, near, bonus, slow, here, promotion, clear, home, dear.

Listen to the words and put them into the columns.

Where, insurance, hair, poor, doer, parents, their, tour, bear, usual.



Урок 11

Listen to the text “Healthy hobbies” and do the task.

Healthy hobbies

My advice for a long and healthy life is to get an absorbing hobby. Hobbies teach us all sorts of things.

Stamp collecting is not only gaining little labels. The philatelist can learn about national achievements, royal houses, geography, currency and all the rest.

Another hobby with overseas links is cultivation of pen-friends. Over some time you’ll get interesting letters, sent by all sorts of interesting people from remote and exotic places. Both hobbies mentioned above give you a wide range of words from foreign languages.

Some hobbies teach us practical skills or keeping fit. Besides sport, it is walking and even gardening. As with sport, you can take part in competitions and make lots of friends. Gardening can save substantial sums of money.

If you do want a money-making hobby what about writing and selling articles to the local or even national press.

Some hobbies give you the chance to be neat and have a skill of presentation. For example, most philatelists try to present their stamps in the best way, or writing to your pen-friend requires from you the practical need to be understood.

What about hobby like electronics? One wrong connection – and, say, a radio won’t work at all.

Music is another hobby which teaches us to be exact and keep to the details. I collected records with a girl from Finland and that led me into performing some rather exotic Finnish music on the authentic instruments.

Yes, I can say that my life has been really full and rich, thanks to my hobbies.



Engineer, automatic, manager, put off, transportation, look for, responsible, presentation, unskilled, go through, apply, manufacture, get up, payment, quality


Урок 12



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