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Спряжение глагола to be

Present Simple Past Simple Future Simple
I am You are He She is It We are You are They are I was You were He She was It We were You were They were I shall be You will be He will be She will be It will be We shall be You will be They will be

Ex. 1. Fill in the gaps using the verb to be in Present, Past or Future Simple.

1. Her family name is now Jones, but it … Smith before she got married.

2. The name of the country … previously Rhodesia, but it … now Zimbabwe.

3. I … hungry. – You can’t be. We only had breakfast an hour ago.

4. It … very cold and windy today, so wear a coat.

5. She … a very nice woman, but her late husband … a very unpleasant man.

6. This … a beautiful blue dress. But it.

7. Today … 23rd of March: yesterday … the 22nd.

8. I’m sure the twins … 18 today: they … 17 last year.

9. I … a doctor when I grow up.

10. Here, this book … yours and that one … Jim’s. They … both on the floor.

11. The other students … here already. They … all downstairs in the canteen.

12. The party … next Saturday evening at Petra’s house.

13. My sister… at home tomorrow.

14. … Mr. James in? – No, I’m sorry, he … here not long ago, but now he… out.

15. … Fred and Carmen at home when you called? – No, they …,but they … home now.

16. It … quite foggy tonight, but it … far worse last night.

17. Tomorrow he … in London.

18. It … only 2 miles to the shops now. It … 20 miles to any shops from our old house.

19. Her dream … to dance with the Royal Ballet Company.

Ex. 2. Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

1. Вчера они были в библиотеке.

2. В данный момент его здесь нет.

3. В прошлую субботу он был на стадионе.

4. Мой брат будет завтра дома.

5. Мои книги были на столе. Где они сейчас?

6. Когда твоя сестра будет дома?

7. Ты будешь летчиком? – Нет, я буду моряком.

8. Моя сестра была студенткой в прошлом году, а сейчас она врач.



Конструкции there (is, are …)

Предложения с оборотом there is утверждают наличие или отсутствие какого-либо предмета (предметов) в определенных условиях (в данном месте, в данное время и т.д.). На русский язык они переводятся предложениями, начинающимися с обстоятельства. Глагол to be в обороте может употребляться в разных временных формах. There are different books on the shelf. There were many mistakes in your dictation. There will be a meeting after classes. В вопросах компоненты конструкции there is меняются местами: Is there a newspaper on the desk? – Yes, there is.

Ex. 3. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1. There is a good film on TV tonight.

2. There will be a lot of people at the party.

3. There were two cinemas in the street five years ago.

4. There are many magnificent monuments in our city.

5. There will be a bus stop near our house.

6. There was a light in my bedroom.

7. There was a telephone call for you last night.

8. There have been some accidents recently.

9. There will be some show later this evening.

10. There is a postman at the door.

11. There are a lot of interesting exhibits in our museum.

12. There is a dog in our garden.

Ex. 4. Rewrite the sentences using there is, there are, there were, there was.

1. They have a lot of English books in their library. 2. They had a villa near the beach. 3. Our city has many theatres. 4. He had some pencils in his bag. 5. The family has only one child. 6. Every week has seven days. 7. We have a beautiful picture on the wall. 8. She had some mistakes in her dictation. 9. They had some cherry trees in their garden. 10. She had many cats in the house. 11. Our house has no lift.

Ex. 5. Made the sentences interrogative and negative.

1. There is a good clothes shop not far from here. 2. There was a photograph of that girl in last week’s magazine. 3. There is a public holiday on May 1st. 4. There will be a meeting between the two world leaders on Monday. 5. There are two men at the door. 6. There was an interesting article about that in yesterday’s paper. 7. There will be a lot of supporters at the match tomorrow.


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