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Pattern 22

Noun/Verb + -able/ible-»Adjective I

The -able/iblesuffixes mean having a stated quality or condition or can be done.

Example, accept - принимать l* acceptable - приемлемый

Noun/Verb compress recover accept suit flex value



Read and translate the following sentences paying attention to the forms and functions of the Present Participle.

A) Attribute


Theplayinghoy is my son. - Играющий мальчик - мой сын The boy playing in the garden is my son. - Мальчик, играю­щий в саду, — мой сын.

The bridge being built across the river will be very big. — Мост, строящийся (который строится) через реку, будет очень боль­шим.

1. Building science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting buildings. 2. This job being managed by the project manager and supervised engineer will be done on time. 3. The strength of materials gives the value of the bearing reactions of the hyperstatic structures. 4. Hydration involves many different reactions often occurring at the same time. 5. Young's modulus describes the tendency of an object to deform along an axis when opposing forces are applied along that axis. 6. The design being prepared by the highly skilled experts' team will be completed next month.

B) Adverbial modifier


(While) reading he was making some notes. — Читая, он де­лал заметки.

Having lost the key he couldn't get into the house. — Потеряв ключ, он не мог попасть в дом.

Being built of wood the bridge couldn't carry heavy loads. — Так как мост был построен (будучи построенным) из дерева, он не мог выдержать тяжелых нагрузок.

Having been translated into many languages Tolstoy's books became known all over the world. — После того как книги Тол­стого были переведены на многие языки, они стали известны во всем мире.

1. In general stones are used as basic structural components in buildings, while mud is used to fill in the space between, acting as a type of concrete and insulation. 2. To perform successfully in the constraction industry students must develop their skills in the technical aspects of constraction while applying useful constraction management practices and tools to maintain control and provide

5. Зак. 312

Английский язык для студентов строительных специальностей



optimal decisions. 3. Having looked through all the document* and letters he called his secretary. 4. Having been in the building and construction business from the very beginning we have much previous experience from the building point of view. 5. Construction managers coordinate and supervise the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction, making sure that the project gets completed on time and within budget.

6. Having been repaired the device began working much better.

7. Having examined the relationship between stress and strain we determined the elastic modulus. 8. When purchasing a new house the buyer has less legal protection than when buying a new car.

Read and translate the following sentences paying attention to the forms and functions of the Past Participle.

A) Attribute


He showed us some magazines received'by their library. — Он показал нам журналы, полученные их библиотекой.

The telegram sent was signed by the director. - Отправленная телеграмма была подписана директором.

There are a few broken chairs in the room. — В комнате не­сколько сломанных стульев.

1. The strain increases until the stresses are sufficient to neutralize the force applied, when the body is again in a condition of equilibrium. 2. Strength of materials studies the mechanical properties of materials used in the construction industry. 3. We are going to study the stress state caused by squeezing the material. 4. The strength of structures of equal cross sectional area loaded in tension is independent of cross section geometry. 5. The elastic modulus is the stress required to cause a sample of the material to double in length. 6. Increased strength and durability are also a part of the drive to reduce the environmental footprint of the built environment by the efficient use of resources.

B) Adverbial modifier


When questioned, 1 didn't know what to answer. — Когда меня стали расспрашивать, я не знал, что ответить.

1. The modulus of rigidity describes the tendency of an object to shear when acted upon by the forces. 2. Once certified, the engineer is designated the title of the professional engineer. 3. Design considerations will include strength, stiffness, and stability of the structure when subjected to loads which may be static, or dynamic. 4. When faced with unexpected events or delays, construction managers should be decisive and work well under pressure.

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