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Using a dictionary complete the chart with the appropriate word form. In some cases there may be more than one answer.


  Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
3.       fitly
4. measure      
5.   serviceability    
6.     expansive  
7. produce      
8.       additionally
9.     occupational  
10. vary      

240 Английский язык для студентов строительных специальностей





8. Read and translate the following sentences paying attention to the functions of the verb to be.


His pen is on the table. — Его ручка находится на столе. Не was asked to come. — Его попросили прийти. Не was waiting for her at 10 o'clock yesterday. — Он ждал ее вчера в 10 часов.

Не is to come at 3 o'clock. — Он должен прийти в 3 часа.

1. Each layer of bricks is called a course. 2. Masonry is the building of structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar. 3. Where the bricks are to remain fully visible, this is known as face-work. 4. Apartments rents are high, so I am looking at ads for roommates. 5. The thickness of a wall which is to be considered in evaluating the quantity of brickwork is called nominal thickness of a wall. 6. Water is used in mixing the mortar to produce a paste in which the bricks can be firmly bedded. 7. Concrete masonry units are usually much larger than ordinary bricks and so are much faster to lay for a wall of a given size. 8. Mobile homes are becoming more popular, because they are comfortable and inexpensive. 9. There is a problem when I type. There must be a problem with the keyboard. 10. When a wall is built of bricks, the bricks are set in mortar.

9. Read and translate the following sentences paying special attention to the functions of the verb to have.


He has a new car. — У него есть новая машина. (Он имеет новую машину.)

He has sent a letter to her this morning. — Сегодня утром он послал ей письмо.

Не has been waiting for her for two hours. — Он ждет ее в течении двух часов.

Не has to get up early every day. — Ему приходится (он вы­нужден) вставать рано каждый день.

1. When you have decided which area you are interested in and thought realistically about what sort of person you are, then you can decide what sort of engineer you want to be. 2. The blocks sometimes have grooves or other surface features added to enhance this interlocking, and some dry set masonry structures forego mortar altogether. 3. The bricklayer has to be very skillful to keep the courses exactly level and the thickness of mortar between each course of bricks the same throughout the length and depth of the wall. 4. Mathematicians and scientists (and their universities) have been electronically exchanging information over the Internet since the mid-70s. 5. Some suburbs consist of housing estates, while others were originally villages that have become joined to the town as it has grown. 6. He has been waiting for a municipal house for the last three years. 7. When bricks are built in curves, as in arches or curved walls, the bricklayer has to shape the bricks in order to fit them together. 8. A concrete block typically has a lower water absorption rate than a brick. 9. The system has been programmed not only with grammatical rales, but also with the analysis of a vast quantity of office correspondence. 10.1 am moving to Los Angeles in the fall, but I have to find someplace to live.

10. Complete the following sentences, using the verbs a) to be or b) to have in different functions. Put the verb to create into the most suitable active or passive tense form.

a)1. The first labour union_______ in 1905. 2. The first

labour union_________ next year. 3. The first labour union

________ last year (arrangements/plans). 4. The first labour


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