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Этапы работы над текстом при подготовке к презентации.

После прочтения текста, необходимо:

· сформулировать тему презентации.

· What is the best way for foreigners to know Russia better?

· составить вводную часть, где последнее предложение и является thesis statement к

тексту презентации.

· The majority of Americans still have stereotypes of Russia, which stem from the Cold War

period. Few Americans have visited modern Russia. Most of them have been to St.

Petersburg or Moscow. Usually they get to Russia by plane and as a rule in summer. So they

could not get a feel of real Russia.. Thus the best way for a foreigner willing to know and

Understand Russia is the train journey in winter.

· составить вопрос к thesis statement.

· Why?

· написать ответы на данный вопрос, которые составят текст презентации.

· You can understand how huge Russia is …

· You can cross numerous climate zones

· You can see beautiful winter landscapes

· You can break off stereotypes (winter is unbearable, Russia is a frozen wasteland and a few

of cities are livable, Russian people are very gloomy).

· перефразировать topic sentences всех частей презентации, которые составят

заключение презентации.

· The best way for foreigners to know Russia better is to take a long train journey to the

“depth” of this country to understand the size of it, how local people survive in winter and

what kind of people they are. So thanks to this train ride you can get rid of all stereotypes

about Russia and Russians.





List of vocabulary


Let me introduce myself.

To be happy to do something

To be a Professor of Law

Alex for short

Describing a person

To be a first year student

To be good at languages

To be good with computers

To be a well-read, broad-minded and intelligent student

To be a workaholic

To work hard

To be the right person for companies

To be reserved

To be interested in

To be crazy about computers

Computing is my domain.

To be a crammer

To be used to praising oneself

To be sporty

To be an adaptable person

To be a sleepy head, lazy-bones, light-and absent minded person

To be an early- bird, hard working and extremely punctual man

To be a sociable and friendly person

To be highly motivated to succeed

To be a goal oriented, self- managing and diligent person

To be a sociable and easy-going person

To have people, communicative and management skills


About family

To be married

To be single

To be two years one’s junior

Marital status

To be going to be a father in two months

To be aware of

To be in the know

To be easy for somebody to leave


My studies

The field of studies

What is your specialty/ major?

To be an A- student

To be among the top ten

To be focused on academic activities

Favorite subjects

Academic achievements

A part of one’s future profession

To keep fit

A regular member of

To pass exams with flying colours

To be scheduled

To be short of free time

Group- mates

To have an experience of studying and living abroad

To be home-sick

To be keen on something

To be famous for something

To get marks above average

To combine studies and work

Working experience

To be very challenging

The opportunity to improve something

To be a final year student

To have professional skills

To work for a computer company

To be easy for somebody to communicate with someone

To be blood, sweats and tears at the beginning

Things started to click.

To have got any experience of something


Useful phrases for socializing

Last but not least

That sounds great!

Unfortunately not

It is my dream to

To be involved in

I guess…

I got used to living far away from home

First of all

It’s exactly so

How sensible of you!

I wish you as much success as possible.

I am a bit at a loss.

The fact is that



Sample letters

Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке



A Mr G.Castellos, 37 Star Road, Aberdeen VH42 57GT

B Thank you for your letter of application for the post of PR manager.
We would like to invite you to attend an interview.
We shall be conducting interviews on Monday 30 May and ask you to contact us to arrange a suitable time.


C Dear Mr Castellos,


D New Publishers, 26 Greenhouse Street, Aberdeen PV31 23TR
Telephone 9593 385749 Fax 9593 75843
23 May 2005


E We look forward to meeting you.
Yours sincerely,

F Joan Dumorieur
Personnel Manager





A Irene Green

Sales Manager

B We are writing to confirm our meeting on 20 February concerning the advertisement of our new device in your catalogue.
We would appreciate it if you have time to visit our plant at an earlier date and inform us of it.

C Mr. J.A. Burns, ABC Advertising, 17 New Street, New Town BN45 67HO


D Dear Mr Burns,


E 25 Corner Street, Darlington
Tel. 249 26 49
14 February 2006


F We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,




A Dear Ms Conway



B New Computer Subway Ltd, 234 Susy Alvenue, Austin BC925 7NP
April 28, 2005


C We are writing in connection with your advertisement in yesterday’s Morning Star.
We would like to co-operate with you and would appreciate it if you have time to arrange a meeting with us in our office.


D We look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours

E Ms J.Conway, Sales Manager, Magazine on networking,
89 Bear Street, Newcastle, JP786P


F Alan Khan
R&D Manager



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