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We drink it: water, sugar, milk, juice, carrot, strawberry, tea, coffee.

We have it at home: sofa, computer, LION, cockerel, hen, bedroom, museum.                        ( физкультминутка )

3. Найдите конец слова

lo                    geth                           me

gro                      ram                      cal

so                        to                          ay

st                           nic                       up

arra                     cial                        er

prog                  nge                           pic


4. Поставьте глагол в правильном времени

1.  Look! The girl (to play) the piano.

2. Children (to go) to school at 8 o’clock every day.

3. He can’t help you now. He (to do) his homework.

4. I (to stand), I (not to sit) now.

5. Kate usually (to go) to the swimming pool with her brother?

Психолог: Молодцы ребята вы справились с этим заданием. Все наши королевства расколдованы, а наши настроения в порядке? Поднимите картинки вашего настроения. Я так и знала, оно стало намного лучше чем вначале урока.

Домашнее задание.

Подведение итогов урока.

« Психология»     5 класс


Автор Крюкова Н. Ю. , учитель английского языка


 Учитель английского языка : today we are going to have the lesson which will be unusual. It will be the lesson of psychology. That’s why I’ve invited to our lesson the school psychologist. Her name is Rada Aleksandrovna.

Психолог: ребята, я с удовольствием приму участие в вашем уроке, но у меня есть некоторые сомнения. Знаете ли вы достаточно слов, чтобы говорить о таких серьезных вещах по – английски?

Учащиеся: конечно, знаем. В английском языке есть много слов, которые созвучны русским. Вы можете спросить нас.

(психолог называет слова на русском языке, учащиеся отвечают по – английски): характер, стабильность, эмоция, гармония, интуиция, эмоциональный, креативный, оригинальный, практичный, информация, анализировать, система, систематизировать, планировать, ситуация, активный, энергичный, конфликт, оптимист, пессимист, стресс.

Нам понадобятся еще и другие слова: успех, успешный, любознательный, психология, психолог, душа.

Учитель английского языка: а Вы знаете, почему психология так называется?

Психолог: Психея в греческом языке означает «душа», а психология – наука о душе.

Учитель английского языка: наши учащиеся могут рассказать историю о Психее.

Рассказ учащихся : In the Greek language the name “ Psyche” means “soul”. The legend says that Psyche’s parents boasted that their daughter was as lovely as Aphrodite. Aphrodite didn’t like it. She told Eros to make Psyche fall in love with a monster. But it happened so that Eros shot his arrow in himself. So, he fell in love with Psyche. The gods liked Psyche for her kind character. They made her immortal. Psyche and Eros could be together. They had many difficulties in their lives. In the end they were very happy together.


1. Was Psyche really beautiful?

2. Was she as lovely as Aphrodity?

3. Was did Eros fall in love with Psyche?

4. Who made Psyche immortal?

Учитель английского языка : All people are different and they have their own characters. Some of them are brave and energetic, others are friendly and witty. Many people are curious and emotional. Some people are optimists, others are pessimists. But everybody wants to be successful. Do you want to know how to become successful? Then ask our psychologist.

Учащиеся : Will you be so kind as to tell us what we must do to become successful?

Психолог: можно дать много разных советов, но прежде всего вы должны познать себя. Кстати, знаете ли вы, как сказать это на английском языке? Учащиеся отвечают. (Know yourself.)

· Постарайтесь понять, чего вы хотите. (Try to understand what you want.)

· Не бойтесь просить о помощи. (Don’t be afraid to ask for help.)

· Старайтесь помогать другим людям. (Try to help other people.)

· Заботьтесь о себе . (Take good care of yourself.)

· Узнайте, что нужно вашему телу, чтобы оставаться здоровыми и быть в хорошей форме. (Learn what your body needs to stay healthy and fit.)

· Не думайте о плохом. (Don’t think about bad things.)

· Стресс может сделать вас несчастными и больными. (Too much stress can make you unhappy and sick.)

Психолог: Мы решили, что познавать себя вы начнете прямо сейчас, поэтому приготовили для вас тест. Для того, чтобы работать с ним, вам нужно знать название этих фигур по – английски:

Квадрат Треугольник Прямоугольник Круг Зигзаг

Учащиеся называют слова по – английски (на предыдущем уроке слова были заучены):

A square A triangle A rectangle A circle A zigzag

Учитель английского языка:

On your sheets of paper draw only one figure.

Now listen to the descriptions of figures and be my interpreters:

A square means stability. Squares always plan their lives. They usually finish what they begin. Squares like to analyze all details and systematize information. They can be good collectors.

A triangle means leadership. Triangles are energetic, strong and active. They always know what they want. In fact, they want to be right in every situation. Sometimes triangles are a little bit egoistic.

A rectangle means instability. They want to change something in their lives. Rectangles are curious and brave. They want to find their place in life.

A circle means harmony. They are friendly and sympathetic, rather emotional with good intuition.

A zigzag means creativeness, good intuition. They are emotional, witty, original, but sometimes unpractical because they like to dream very much.

Do you agree with the information which you heard about yourselves? (Ученики высказывают свое мнение.)

Учитель английского языка : I know that you’ve prepared the story about pessimists and optimists. We are ready to listen to it.(учащиеся рассказывают историю по цепочке)

Optimist and pessimist

In one family there were two brothers, they were twins. One of them was an optimist, he was always glad and happy. He liked all the seasons, the snow and the sun, salt and sugar, he liked everything. The second boy was a real pessimist. He was always sad, he liked nothing in the world!

Their parents didn’t know what to do. So, they went to a psychologist, who told them what to do and they did so. For the birthday the parents prepared presents for their children. The presents were so different…

One boy got a modern computer. The other boy was presented with a pile of old newspapers.

The boys were in their rooms. The parents came up to the door of the pessimist’s room and listened. The boy sat in the room and murmured: “Oh, what a bad computer. The model is old… I don’t like the colour of this computer. I don’t like the shape of the monitor…”

Then the parents came up to the door of the optimist’s room. And what did they hear? The boy jumped, danced and cried: “Oh, how happy I am! I have the newspapers which I wanted to read! It’s great! It’s cool!”

So, let’s be optimists! It’s better for our health!

(рассказ сопровождается синхронным переводом тех учащихся, которые не знали содержание текста)

So, children, now you know how to become successful. Will you give your advice to the teachers and your classmates? (учащиеся дают советы, используя лексику урока)

This is the end of our lesson.

(обращаю внимание коллег на то, что лексика к уроку отработана предварительно)


«Моя самооценка» 5 класс


Автор :Абрамова М. Г., учитель английского языка

Ход урока

I. Оргмомент

– You’ll learn the English adjectives and discover some information about yourself.

II. Фонетическая зарядка

– I want you to look at the blackboard. Can you read and translate the following words? Find and read the words with the sound:

[v] – brave, clever;
[ai] – polite, kind, shy;
[f] – friendly, beautiful, unfriendly;
[i] – naughty, athletic, non-athletic, unfriendly;
[n] – noisy, naughty, kind, unfriendly, obedient, independent.

III. Речевая разминка

Игра «Придумай предложение»

– I’m sure you like to play different games. Will you use the words from the blackboard and make up the sentences with them? Who is ready to start?

Ученики составляют предложения, используя слова на доске.

My brother is not very naughty.
Is this boy athletic?
It is not a clever answer.
I think my parents are intelligent.
The woman was ugly and cruel.

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