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Conditional clauses with reference to the future.

a) Should + infinitive for all the persons in the conditional clause.


Exercise 31. Analyze the form of the verb in the following sentences. Translate the sentences into Russian.


1. If you should ever see him again, what would you do? 2. If you should come to our city again, be sure to come and see us. And if you should fail to come, please phone. 3. If you should choose to trust him with such task again, I won’t back you up. 4. Should anything go wrong, he will have no hesitation in telling his boss. 5. Should you have to face that challenge, will you be prepared to do it? 6. Should he be found out, he will have no respite from fear. 7. If Duncan should be pressing you for an immediate answer, tell him to wait. He’ll have to. 8. Should there be a misunderstanding, you can always count on me. 9. Should he be unable to come, he’ll certainly inform us in advance. 10. If anything should happen to me just now, I’d never get on my feet again politically. 11. He had pledged himself to fight for Ireland should the moment ever come. 12. If anyone should want me, I’ll be with Dr. Pearson.


Exercise 32. Use the correct form of the infinitives in brackets.


1. The fact of the matter is, if I (to see) you the next day, I never (to stop) seeing you. 2. I thought I almost decided to go home if I (not to hear) her playing the piano, that was really wonderful. 3. I (to be) quite miserable if I (not to work) for my living. 4. If he (to phone), tell immediately me, please. 5. If you (to come) to our country again, be sure to phone us. 6. If anything (to happen) to me just now, take care of my children. 7. In case you (to create) any ideas about it, tell us immediately. 8. If you (to change) your mind, join us at any time. 9. If they (to meet) tonight, it (to be) a scandal. 10. If I (to forget) my words, they (to laugh) at me. 11. If he (to fit) his car, we (to be able to) go to the country and have a good time there.


Exercise 33. Complete the sentences.


1. In case the members of the committee should disagree... 2. Should they be delayed … 3. Should the flight be cancelled … 4. If we should meet tonight … 5. If you should find my keys … 6. If it should happen to change your mind … 7. In case you should get any ideas, … 8. If any news should come through while I am away, … 9. … if the team should win the game. 10. … if you should change your mind.


Exercise 34. Provide a short context for each of the sentences to explain to the listener why in your opinion the events described in the sentence are unlikely.


Model. You get a letter from a friend of yours. – If I should get a letter from a friend of mine who is not fond of letter-writing, I’ll be very much surprised. Why, I haven’t heard from him for years!


1. It suddenly becomes very hot in spring. 2. A person you know suddenly tells a funny story. 3. Someone speaks very favourable about you. 4. Your fellow who is a good student runs into difficulties. 5. You find a treasure. 6. A rare book you are eager to buy is on sale. 7. Your parents allow you to do things your own way. 8. You downstairs neighbour gives you a new cassette with rock-music as a birthday present. 9. Your ex-boy-friend (girl-friend) is going to visit you. 10. You friend says that his (her) cat can catch a lot of mice during a night.


Exercise 35. Translate the sentences into English.


1. Если так случится, что ты придёшь домой раньше, свари несколько сосисок. 2. Если случайно встретишь Марию, ничего ей обо мне не говори. 3. Если так случится, что я не приеду во время, извинитесь перед ними за меня. 4. Случись здесь вдруг что-нибудь странное, позвоните по этому телефону. 5. Если так случится, что она заболеет, вам придётся работать вместо неё. 6. Если случайно сломаешь чужую вещь, тебе придётся за неё заплатить. 7. Если так случится, что ты забудешь номер моего телефона, ты всегда сможешь узнать его у моей сестры. 8. Если вдруг что-нибудь случится, звоните 101. 9. Случись так, что он придёт, предложи ему чашечку кофе. 10. Если случится, что мне кто-нибудь позвонит, скажите, что вернусь после десяти. 11. Если бы мне довелось познакомиться с этим выдающимся человеком, я бы считал, что мне очень повезло. 12. Если она вдруг передумает, не расстраивайтесь.


b) Would + infinitive for all the persons in the conditional clause.


Exercise 36. Analyze the form of the verb in the following sentences. Translate the sentences into Russian.


1. If you would only try to find the book, I’d be so grateful. 2. If he would stay here for some days, we’d go to a discotheque. 3. If they would only come to our place, we’d be very glad. 4. If she would only play this role, the show will be a real success. 5. If you would accept the invitation, they would be pleased. 6. If I would buy that dress, I would look the most beautiful girl at the party. 7. If you would come here, I will show you my collection of shells. 8. If she would do the shopping, we will be free in an hour. 9. If you only would phone your uncle, the problem would be solved in no time. 10. “Good morning, Dr. Sheppard,” said Miss Russell. “I should be much obliged if you would take a look at my knee.” 11. If the gentleman would give me the numbers of some of the stolen notes, efforts would be made to trace them.


Exercise 37. Complete the sentences.


1. If she would accept our proposal... 2. If he would come … 3. If you would agree to come … 4. If he would only meet her … 5. If Mike would bring his camera … 6. If Sofia would send us a telegram … 7. If they would forgive Nom’s mistake … 8. If you would listen to his explanation … 9. If they would accept our invitation … 10. If she would visit us …


Exercise 38. Translate the sentences into English.


1. Если бы вы согласились сходить в музей, вы бы оценили красоту нашей местности. 2. Если бы вы изъявили желание полетать, я бы купил билеты на этот аттракцион. 3. Если бы только она захотела, Пол бы выполнил любое её желание. 4. Если бы она согласилась принять подарок, Том был бы просто счастлив. 5. Если бы он только захотел, она бы рассказала ему всё. 6. Если бы вы изъявили желание зайти в этот ресторан, мы бы прекрасно провели там время и потанцевали. 7. Если бы вы только напомнили ей об этом, она была бы рада. 8. Если бы ты только сварила суп, я бы съел две тарелки. 9. Если бы она изъявила желание узнать всё, что случилась, мы бы всё рассказали. 10. Если бы вы только пару минут присмотрели за моей собакой, я был бы очень благодарен вам.


c) were + (to) infinitive in the conditional clause.


Exercise 39. Analyze the form of the verb in the following sentences. Translate the sentences into Russian.


1. Were I to make a choice, I’d like to know whose side you are on. 2. If I were to tell you about his response, you’d be amazed. 3. She is missing. But were she to come back, you would be told promptly. 4. Were his condition to worsen, call me at once. 5. If he were to write down everything, he would make a lot of mistakes. 6. Were I to go there, I would tell you about it. 7. If he were to undertake it, he would collapse immediately. 8. Were she to tell you the truth, you would be astonished. 9. If I were to sing in public, I would be terrified. 10. If a dramatist author were to publish a pantomime, he could make it intelligible to a reader by giving him the words which the pantomimist is supposed to be uttering. 11. If the team were to win the game, it would gain first place.


Exercise 40. Turn the following pairs of sentences into a sentence of unreal condition, like in the example below: E.g. Don’t refuse her present. It will upset her dreadfully. If you were to refuse her present it would upset her dreadfully.

1. Don’t ask me. I can’t tell you. 2. You haven’t got to the city yet because you are not travelling alone. 3. He was not captain of the team because he was very unpopular. 4. He was not a handsome man. He was not tall enough. 5. She did not reply. That’s why I couldn’t hear her. 6. She didn’t enjoy the game because she discovered that her opponent disliked losing. 7. I’m not going to make my suggestion. He may think I’m prying into his affairs. 8. As nobody told him anything about this affair he was not involved in it. 9. Luckily he is not going to be invited to the party. He says he doesn’t know what to wear on such occasions. 10. We enjoy the spring so much because of the winter. 11. Though I feel certain that nothing is going to happen to him I shall stay in my office the whole day. 12. Darling, please show Harry the garden. Won’t it be very nice? 13. It’s not likely that John will turn his back to my sister but I wonder what effect it will have on her nerves.


Exercise 41. Translate the sentences into English.


1. Если бы тебе пришлось испытать это, ты бы так сейчас не говорил. 2. Если бы ей пришлось ехать туда одной, она была бы очень расстроена. 3. Доведись ей взять автограф у этого известного артиста, она бы была счастлива. 4. Если бы нам пришлось выступать перед ними, мы бы очень испугались. 5. Доведись мне увидеть мужчину, вылезающего из бутылки с моющим средством, как в рекламе, я бы визжала как ненормальная. 6. Если бы ей пришлось рассказать нам всё об этом, мы бы ей не поверили. 7. Если бы тебе пришлось пережить такое, ты бы сошёл с ума. 8. Доведись тебе попробовать этот торт, ты бы никогда в жизни на другие даже бы не посмотрел. 9. Доведись мне встретить волка в тёмном лесу, я бы ужасно испугался. 10. Если бы Тому пришлось рассказать всё отцу, то отец наказал бы его.


Exercise 42. Revision. Paraphrase the following sentences. Make them less probable by using the subjunctive mood.


Pattern: If I see him, I’ll tell you. If I should see him I’ll tell you. Should I see him, I’ll tell you. Were I to see him, I’ll tell you.


1. If the missing money is found, you’ll be the first to know. 2. If there are any changes in the schedule, you’ll be told about it. 3. If Rob can’t make a decision, we’ll have to do it ourselves. 4. If you are invited to attend the conference, will you agree? 5. If he insists on it, he’ll be given all the necessary information. 6. If Sheila doesn’t phone, we’ll have to go and find her. 7. If he is asked to leave, he won’t obey. 8. If Diana manages to increase productivity in the department, that will be a point in her favour. 9. If you arrive on time, I’ll meet you. 10. If she comes to stay here, I’ll go. 11. If I never see him again, I’ll be glad. 12. If you are outmanoeuvred, come to see me and we’ll think what to do about it. 13. If you bring your resume, it may prove useful. 14. If you have any problems with the new administrator, ask the assistant manager to help you. 15. If she makes a speedy recovery, she’ll still be able to go on holiday with us. 16. If you keep quiet about it, no one will know. 17. If Emma is trusted with the car, she’ll feel quite confident about it. 18. If I have a headache, I’ll just take an aspirin and go to bed. 19. “Is she nervous?” “Of course she is nervous. If someone touched her on the shoulder, she would probably spring right out of her seat.”


*Exercise 43. Revision. Rewrite the following sentences, making an inversion in the conditional clauses and changing the order of the clauses.


1. He has threatened to resign if the government is defeated. 2. If they agreed, we could make rapid progress. 3. The company will refund the money if you change your mind. 4. The exhibition might have closed if they hadn’t found new sponsors. 5. I would refuse to co-operate if I were in your position. 6. Please inform the doctor immediately if she shows signs of improvement. 7. They would have realized their mistake if only they had stayed until the end. 8. You may assume we have agreed if you do not hear from us by Friday. 9. Everyone would be able to do it if it were that simple. 10. If you should need to consult me again, you can contact me at this number. 11. The hospital can switch to an emergency generator if the need should arise. 12. If you should be late once again, you’ll lose your job. 13. If it were not for the fact that his father is on the board of directors, he would never have got the job. 14. If such a merger were ever to be proposed, it would undoubtedly be referred to the Monopolies Commission. 15. If it were not for the expense involved, I would go there by air. 16. If it hadn’t been for your laziness, you could have finished the work by now. 17. If he had taken a little more time to think, he might have acted more sensibly. 18. If the attempted assassination had succeeded, there would almost certainly have been civil and political chaos. 19. If the driver of the train hadn't reacted so quickly, the accident would have been much worse. 20. If you drink too much coffee, you won’t be able to sleep. 21. If you’d brought a map, we wouldn’t have got lost. 22. If I were you, I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. 23. If he’d known about the meeting, I’m sure he would have come. 24. If you come across Paul, tell him I want to see him. 25. If I were you, I wouldn’t apply for the post of firefighter. 26. If you should go to the post office, could you buy me some stamps? 27. If anyone should ring, will you take a message? 28. If you had turned off the oven sooner, the pizza wouldn’t have burnt. 29. If I were younger, I’d accept his offer.


Exercise 44. Revision. Translate the following sentences from Russian into English.


1. Если вы неожиданно задержитесь, позвоните мне. 2. Доведись вам снова встретиться, вы бы узнали его? 3. Если бы я вдруг увидел эту книгу, я бы её купил. 4. Если я вдруг увижу эту книгу, я её куплю. 5. Если вы вдруг увидите эту книгу, непременно купите её. 6. Будь я снова в этом городе, я бы непременно посетил эту галерею. 7. Дайте нам знать, если вы вдруг получите новую информацию. 8. Если бы вам пришлось принимать решение в ближайшее время, как бы вы поступили? 9. Если бы мне пришлось снова писать эту книгу, я бы не изменил ни строчки. 10. Что бы она сделала, если бы ей пришлось выбирать между семьей и работой? 11. Если вас вдруг остановят, покажите пропуск (a badge). 12. Если ему вдруг повезёт и он выиграет главный приз, что он будет с ним делать?



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